Walk in Tub Accessories | Accessorize Walk In Tubs For the Elderly

Walk in Tub Accessories

Massage Therapy: Massage and spa features can be included within walk in tubs with the addition of air, water or combination air and water jet systems.

  • Air Jets: The massage motions and impact on the bather is less intense than what is produced by water jets. The impact is less abrasive on the skin and is family-friendly because the jets do not use any suction. Bath oils and salts can also be used with this feature so it popular among those looking for aromatherapy features.

  • Water Jets: The massaging motions are more intense, which is why water jets are used for hydrotherapy. This type of therapy uses water to help alleviate aches and pain associated with physical injuries and other health conditions.

    Thermostatic Mixing Valve: To protect bathers from putting themselves in shock from freezing cold water and from getting burned from hot water, thermostatic mixing valves can be installed. These valves limit and maintain just the right amount of hot and cold water to create a safe temperature and comfortable temperature.

    Safety Bars: To improve upon the safety features already created from having a walk in tub installed, one can have additional grab bars added to help bathers stabilize themselves when getting in and out of the bathtub. These bars are helpful when placed near the door and sides of the tub. It also helps to install them around the bathroom as well. For example, it may be beneficial to have bars near the sink and along the side of the toilet. This is a feature potential buyers will want to consider especially when, shopping for walk in tubs for the elderly.

    Shower Curtain Racks: Accidents can happen while in the shower/bathtub because of distractions, which can be reduced with the installation of a shower curtain. Many bathers prefer to have shower curtains because they also provide them with privacy.

    Shower Systems: Various systems can be installed to make bathing more efficient. Shower hardware can be customized to serve a variety of needs. For instance, a shower system with a faucet for filling the tub and handheld faucet can be extremely useful because a person can fill the tub while they showering using the handheld device. This also provides a variety of options because the unit can be used as a shower and/or tub.

    Comfort Enhancing Accessories: Some tubs come with customized pillows that can be installed in the walk in tub. There are cushions made for the built in seats and to install along the side of the tub to serve as a head rest for the person bathing.