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Walk In Bathtub Reviews

On our site you can learn more about walk in bathtubs before you buy

Welcome to Walk In Bathtub Reviews. On our site you can learn more about walk in bathtubs before you buy.

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How do Experts install a Walk-in Tub?

How does a quality Tub & Expert Installation Make you Feel?


K-Designers are involved in all types of home repair and remodel, such as house painting, vinyl siding, bathroom remodeling, patio covers, home doors, gutters, under deck, insulation installation and much more. K- Designers works with skilled and experienced workers to be sure that your home will be done the right way and they also offer a free estimation beforehand. They have locations in various states including California, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska and other surrounding areas. The before and after pictures on their website are incredible; the work they do is truly well done. In addition, they work with many charitable organizations like American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association and many more.


Larmco Walk In Tubs

Offering walk in bath tub sales & installation in Ohio, Larmco is a  licensed, bonded and insured. company. They offer a variety of financing options through an in-house finance department. On their website they state that, "The company size, stability and success, combined with over 50 years of experience, gives you, the homeowner, the assurance of quality and satisfaction. We've worked hard to gain and maintain a reputation that is centered on quality products, expert installation and satisfied customers, and we continue that tradition with each and every customer."

Best Bath Walk in Tubs


Best Bath System’s slogan is “Making bathing safer since 1971”, which they have been doing with walk-in tubs.  Offering an array of options for walk-in tubs, this company prides themselves on providing safe bathing and accessibility to hospitals, assisting living facilities or in the-home to helps those in need with securing safety for independent living.

Bathing Options for Healthcare Facilities

There is a line of commercial walk-in tub/showers supplied by Best Bath that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Built specifically for use within the healthcare industry, ADA showers and tubs are built to meet industry requirements. Insured by a 30-year limited warranty, purchasers should feel secure they are buying a quality product.

Residential Options for Tub Installation

In being considered the second most dangerous room in a person’s house due to factors such as slippery floors and tubs, walk-in are often sought by home owners as a safety precaution.  These walk in tubs are also popular due to the option for installing a jetted tub, which offers therapeutic features.

For those worried about walk-in tubs not fitting through doors and entry ways in their home, according to Best Bath, they should not worry. With Best Bath System’s surround to fit system, installation professionals bring the tub inside in multiple pieces to put together during the install.

*Disclaimer* At Walk In Bathtub Reviews, we like to help those shopping for a tub, make the right decision. While we do not endorse any one manufacturer for buying a walk in bathtub, we provide information that helps buyers make a decision that is right for them. Please know that while reviews can be helpful, they are not always submitted honestly so be aware of reviews that appear overly persuasive. Aside from reading reviews, potential customers should always ensure the company they select is licensed to perform contracting duties. To verify a company is legitimate verify they possess: IAMPO approval, UL certification and are BBB accredited.


Superior Walk in Tubs

Manufacturing tubs since 2002 when walk-in tubs for residential use just began to hit the market, Superior Walk In Tubs stepped into industry and marketed their tubs as being high quality but with, affordable prices. Superior Walk in Tubs pride themselves on the fact that their tubs are the only ones in the industry made using one piece construction. According to what Superior Walk in Tubs states on their site, one piece construction is the only way to create a tub with enough strength to stop the tub from flexing, which occurs due to the weight exerted on it by the water within the tub. It is important to keep a tub from flexing because when it does it causes the door to leak, which explains why the company markets their brand as Superior Walk in Tubs. In addition to its one piece construction, superior tubs are built using a stainless steel frame that is water and rust proof and that has six adjustable legs for leveling purposes. End Panels and extension shelves are also included to maintain the visual appeal of your bathroom because the majority of walk-in tubs are shorter than standard bathtubs. Tubs also come equipped with safety features such as built in grab bars and seats with extended height. Fixtures such as a handheld shower unit as well as additional bars are also available to be mounted in the locations of your choice. There is also the option for massage features through adding air whirlpool massage jets, water jets or a spa combo package, which includes both water and air jets. If looking to also keep your bath water warm, you may also opt for an inline heater.