Best Walk in Bathtubs | Imported vs American Made Walk In Bathtubs

The Best Walk in Bathtubs

Are you wondering about whether the best walk in bathtubs are American made and if so, are these bathtubs of a higher quality? -OR- Are the better made walk in bathtubs imported from other locations?

When you purchase a tub that is made in the United States by a certified company, you know that the item is up to US standards and license requirements. With that being said, just because a bathtub is manufactured and sold in America, does not mean that it automatically meets the necessary certifications. Purchasers still need to do their homework and request product certifications and warranties being offered for the item they are interested in.

It is also necessary to request certification and licensure from the person that will be installing your new walk in bathtub whether it be through the company you are purchasing the bathtub from or a local contractor.