What Are The Benefits Of Walk In Tub For Seniors?

What Are The Benefits Of Walk In Tub For Seniors?

Seniors will find the bathroom somewhat difficult. For starters, it’s slippery. Most aging people will not have the usual strength and balance they had as young people. So walking into a bathroom can become quite the challenge. For many homes where seniors live, installing handrails and/or having someone assist elders into the room are essential to making daily life easier for aging relatives.

With installation of walk in tubs, seniors get a whole lot more than mobility assistance.

Small Step, Big Changes

The perfect walk in tub for seniors can improve daily routines so much that it practically could be considered a life changer. The innovative tub is designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors (and people with mobility issues). It will feature inward door opening, low threshold entry, safety rails and handles, slip resistant flooring, and built-in contoured seats.

Seniors need not worry about slipping or straining to get into the tub. It creates a safe environment for them to bathe.

You’ll be comforted knowing your aging parents or grandparents are able to bathe easily and safely. Since walk in tubs basically allow seniors to bathe in privacy and not have anyone assist them, regaining some sense of independence will also revitalize them.

Independence is crucial to the emotional well-being of seniors. It reinforces dignity and boosts self-confidence.

Bath Time Heals

Securing safety and regaining independence are all well and good. But those are not the only benefits that walk in tubs deliver. These innovative bathtubs are built with water or air jetting systems; some walk in tubs feature dual jetting systems. These jets are placed strategically in the tub to offer maximum health benefits and create a spa-like experience.

Seniors can luxuriate in hydrotherapy with their chosen walk in tub; hydrotherapy will work on sore joints and muscles, and soothe target areas: arms, hips, legs, and lower back. The American Cancer Society also notes that hydrotherapy can provide symptom relief from many ailments and promote relaxation.

With warm water being pumped through the jets, walk in tubs can increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissues. It can delay damage to joints or restore strength. For seniors suffering through arthritis, the warm water therapy of walk in tubs would greatly manage pain.

Soaking in a warm bath could also improve a senior citizen’s heart health. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic reveals that warm baths increase heart rate while lowering blood pressure. This then delivers cardiovascular benefits without seniors having to exert too much effort, which is what happens with cardio exercises.

Safety. Independence. Healing. All from one innovative bathtub. Give your senior relatives this gift—and help improve their daily lives.

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