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Review #1 – Premier Care Bathing

Premier Care Walk in Bath - The"Original Easy Bathe"

I have recently taken on a caregiver role for my elderly mother who had a stroke. She has moved into our home so my husband and I purchased the Premier Walk in Bathtub. My mother is a very stubborn person who is having a hard time living with others and with me caring for her. She is not immobile so she still has a sense of independence which is very important for her. However, we purchased the bathtub for a bit of extra peace of mind and I'm so glad we did.

The Premier Care walk in bathtubs we purchased was the Original Easy Bathe, which has proven so easy for my mother to use. The seat is slip resistant and there are many other safety features so she can get in and out really easy. The optional shower canopy is also great and not a feature found in other safety tubs. My husband loved how easy it was to install, too.

Another added perk is that the bathtub is small and compact so we actually had it installed in what used to be a powder room. We originally thought it would be impossible to make this a full-bath (meaning, with shower) but with the shower only being 3 square feet, it was possible.

We are very happy with this safety tub and thankful for the peace of mind we've gotten by the purchase. In reality, it was a lot of work- removing the closet and installing the tub but it is worth the ease it has provided us.


Walk in Bathtub Review Series

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring reviews for various types of walk in bathtubs from different companies nationwide.

If you are in the market for a new walk in bathtub and find yourself wondering where to start, our reviews can help consumers select the right bathtub company while also, addressing commonly encountered issues.

For example, we will address issues such as:

  • Space Constraints
  • High Prices
  • Proper Installation
  • Warranties
To accomplish this, we will reviewing companies and specific walk in tub models designed for small spaces, offer great financing options, come with credible installation services and that come with proper warranties. 

Stay tuned for more information as we help readers with their search for finding the perfect walk in bathtub to suit their needs. 


What is Best For Elderly Care?

In working within a business that helps elderly people remain living in their homes for as long as possible, we understand that this is what most people want. With that being said, that doesn't always mean that the home is the best place to seek proper care for yourself or a loved one.

Nursing Homes vs In-Home Care

For instance, if an elderly person is in a condition where they require around the clock care and a live-in nurse isn't an option, a nursing home would be the best option for keeping the person safe. For those that do not require such intense care, remaining at home may be a feasible option. This is especially true for if they have a spouse or loved one living with them or nearby. There are also other options available that believe it or not, are sometimes even covered by health insurance policies. For example, sometimes hiring an in-home CNA (certified nursing assistant) is possible because it is more cost effective for the insurance company so definitely be sure, to look into all of the options available.

Providing in-home care is about more than having someone home. For example, if the person is facing mobility issues, he or she may require handicap facilities to go about their day-to-day routine without injuring themselves. That is where the topic of walk-in bathtubs come in. If your financial and housing situation allows, various devices can be installed to help the elderly person remain at home for as long as possible. For instance wheel chairs, hand rails and of course, a walk-in bathtub can help make someone who has difficulty getting around, more comfortable. For more information on this subject, be sure to check out our guest post on this exact topic.


Chromotherapy Tub to Enhance Bathing

As previously explained, chromotherapy uses colors to promote healing and assist in the treatment of certain diseases. Colors are associated with the various power centers of our bodies, which are known as chakras.

If a person is suffering from an ailment the chakra and its corresponding color is identified and used to provide therapy. A popular use of chromotherapy is when it is coupled with hydrotherapy. For example, chromotherapy is integrated into specific models of hydrotherapy tubs to work with the water powered therapy within walk in bathtubs to ultimately, enhance healing power.

If you are interested in learning more about the different chakras, their designated colors and the healing benefits offered by each color, be sure to read our guest blog post on austinpug.org (AustinPUG Health). The article also provides insight to the many benefits of when chromotherapy is coupled with hydrotherapy in walk in bathtubs.

If interested in these features and thinking of purchasing a walk in tub, be sure to check with the supplier you chose by asking about the options for purchasing a chromotherapy tub.


Selecting the Right Walk In Tub

Starts with Selecting the Right Walk in Tub Company

To help us match your needs with the appropriate walk in bathtub company, please provide us with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. Filling this form out to completion will help in determining the best walk in tub and company to suit your needs. Remember that the more information you provide, the better the results.

  •  Layout of Bathroom
  • Specify the side of the tub that contain the fixtures
  • Provide Your Bathroom Measurements
  • Provide Your Door Measurements