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The Different Features and Designs of a Walk-in Tub

A walk-in tub is a very handy offering in a health and wellness facility. It caters to the handicapable and elderly patrons who have a hard time getting in and out of a conventional tub. It certainly makes their life easier to have one at home as well.

If you are yourself experiencing difficulty in getting in and out of a regular bath, a walk-in variation may very well be the solution. Before you go and order one to be installed in your facility or your home, you need to understand that these tubs are not created equal. They vary in purpose, in quality, in appearance, etc. It’s best to do your due diligence first and considerwhich particular model will best meet your needs.

Look into the various designs, features, and dimensions available to help you decide which walk-in tub to purchase. When it comes to the different designs, you can choose from standard soaker, hydrotherapy, aerotherapy, and combination tubs. When it comes to size, definitely your bathroom has to be on the large side to accommodate a bath tub, even bigger if there’s a wheelchair involved, but if space is really an issue, you can simply have something custom-made.

As for the different features, you need to look at the hardware, such as the faucets. Other details to take into account are the therapeutic features like the water and air jets. These are very beneficial to those who are suffering from pains and fatigue. Temperature regulators are definitely a must-have as well since there are ideal temperatures for relaxing the body. At times, heat is necessary, but you need to ascertain that it doesn’t reach scalding point.

There are also other add-ons such as built-in chairs, lifts, pivoting seats, handrails, etc. Find out all possible additional features to promote the most convenient and comfortable bathing setup for somebody handicapable, and choose which ones you really need or decide if you need them all.

When choosing a tub, you need to research a lot about the different brands and models, reading reviews and testimonials about them to guide you in making your ultimate choice. There are products in the market that are not as well-designed and well-built as the others. Some don’t come with a smooth surface and some are not at all ergonomic. Others may even be downright hazardous. To reduce the risk of injury while bathing, make sure that you end up choosing a tub that will truly help you, not frustrate you.


The Convenience Offered By A Walkin Bathtub

Do you enjoy a good, relaxing soak in the tub after a long, exhausting day? This is already plenty rewarding for anybody who spent hours toiling over something. A warm bath is just the ticket to soothe those tired muscles. What if you have a hard time getting into the regular bathtubs though? Do you just resign yourself to depriving yourself of the pleasure? Hold the sense of despair because there’s an available solution for your situation: a walkin bathtub.

A walkin bathtub is the answer to the limitations that ordinary, non-handicap-friendly tubs have. If you’re elderly, handicapped, or differently-abled and can’t rely on the typical features of a regular tub to provide you safe access to a good and soothing bath, you’ll definitely consider such a tub variant to be a godsend.

True enough, it’s not easy for anybody who experiences any form of difficulty in moving to get in, move about, and get out of a regular tub. Walk-in bathtubs, fortunately, were designed to give primacy to the comfort and safety of people who cannot move as freely as they attempt to enjoy a private bath.

What are the features of a walk-in tub that enables it to offer convenience and safety to those who use it? For starters, whatever makes entry into and exit out of the tub an obstacle is dispensed with. As you swing the door of a walk-in tub open, you can easily step inside. There’s no need to swing the length of your legs over the top edge to get into it. With the low entry height, most handicapable people will be able to deal with getting into and out of the bath on their own without any assistance.

Of course, the door of the tub should have a watertight seal or you’ll be dealing with leaks and the resulting huge mess. The convenience doesn’t end there. Walk-in tubs typically have a built-in, ergonomically contoured seat, making it easy and comfortable for you to maneuver inside. The controls would all be within reach. There is usually a safety bar to hold onto if rising and walking are difficult. The floor is also slip-proof to minimize the risk of accidents.

There are walk-in tubs that go beyond the standard soaker kind. Some are fitted with therapeutic features such as water jets and air jets. If you suffer from pains, a tub that is designed for hydrotherapy or aerotherapy is perfect for you.


Why Seniors Are Smart To Invest In Walkin Bathtubs

As we get on in years, our body deteriorates. Our strength diminishes; our stamina dwindles; and our flexibility disappears. So many of the common activities we used to accomplish with no trouble whatsoever gradually begins to become more difficult to perform. One of these things is bathing. Did you ever imagine that you would have such a hard time enjoying a long, relaxing soak? No, you didn’t, which is why your bathroom isn’t fitted with a tub that caters to the specific requirements of elderly people.

Many seniors are loath to admit that taking baths has become an ordeal, but this is something that they need to address if they don’t want bathing to be a regular struggle or if they don’t want to have an accident for insisting on using a regular tub. They have to accept that they are faced with a new reality, and this reality calls for them to use walkin bathtubs instead of the ones they had no problem using in the past.

To begin with, the elderly need to realize that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous spots in a home. Many fall-related injuries happen there. Besides falls and sprains, there are also many cases of scalds. The solution to this is a walkin bathtub with all the convenient features such as a door and a built-in seat as well as safety details such as a slip-proof floor, grab bars and temperature controls.

Another point to consider is that when the body ages, it begins to experience different kinds of pain. It’s just part of the normal wear and tear, but the discomfort and agony need to be addressed. Do you resort to the typical response of relying on prescribed medication? This is dangerous path to take as pain pills are very addictive. Not only that, they also wreak havoc on the liver. Having a hydrotherapy or aerotherapy walk-in tub can definitely help in dealing with pains. Whether you end up getting one with water jets or one with air jets, you can enjoy a therapeutic bath anytime you want or need to.

Walkin bathtubs are definitely a worthwhile investment. Do you know how dangerous, not to mention expensive, it is to have a fall in your advanced years? Besides the treatment of the injury itself, it could very well render you incapable of independent living, hence the possible need for assisted living or stay in a nursing home.

You can never be too careful in your golden years, so make sure that you have things that can help you be safer and more secure. A walk-in bathtub should be one of them.


Gain Peace of Mind Regarding Your Loved Ones’ Safety with a Walk-in Tub for Seniors

Your mother and father took excellent care of you during your childhood years. And while they will always be "super parents" in your eyes, now that you're an adult with a growing family of your own, you need to accept the fact that your parents are seniors who are now the ones requiring a certain level of assistance as they go about their routine.

Many elderly individuals can be quite sprightly even in their advanced age, choosing to fill their days with moderate physical activities and plenty of social interaction with their friends and relatives. Others, on the other hand, may have a disease or disability that they need to be mindful of, and while they can still engage in certain high-spirited endeavors, it would be more sensible to have a family member or care provider around to take care of some of the household chores and necessities.

An assurance of their safety and well-being

Your parent may be happy to let you pick up the grocery shopping or lawn maintenance tasks, but often, they would appreciate the opportunity to exercise a level of independence in more personal matters, like bathing. And while you wouldn't want to invade their privacy, you're also understandably concerned about their ability to move around the bathroom safely on their own—after all, elderly people now have issues with their balance, coordination, strength and mobility to think about, and a wet, slippery floor can contribute to unfortunate accidents.

Purchasing and installing a walk-in tub for seniors may just be the happy medium that you need to arrive at with your parent. There's nothing like a good, long soak in warm water and soothing bath concoctions or even aromatherapy oils, and your beloved parent can still enjoy this simple indulgence. At the same time, you'll have greater peace of mind that your parent will have a safer bathing experience thanks to the special features that walk-in tubs come with, designed specifically with the elderly in mind:

A watertight hinged door built into the side of the tub. A traditional tub would typically have a threshold measuring about 15 inches; because the elderly may have a difficult time stepping over this height, walk-in tubs are built with doors that measure only from 3 to 7 inches for greater ease and accessibility. You can also select a walk-in tub that has either an inward- or outward-opening door (the latter may be more ideal for larger users or users on wheelchairs, although tubs with that door orientation will require a bigger bathroom space).

Safety features like anti-slip floors, grab bars, a built-in safety seat and a handheld showerhead. These help ensure that the user would not face the risk of slipping, they would have something to hold on to when getting up or sitting down, they can comfortably sit up throughout the bath and easily stand up afterwards, and they can effectively wash themselves with a flexible portable showerhead.

Optional therapeutic add-ons. A standard walk-in tub for seniors will have a soaker tub, but if you wish to provide your loved ones with a means to find relief from conditions like arthritis or circulation issues, you can choose a therapeutic tub that comes with massage air jets or whirlpool water jets, or both.

Quick filling and draining functions. Sitting in the tub and waiting for it to fill or drain completely may leave your loved one feeling cold, so it's best to pick a tub that comes with fast-filling faucets and drainage assisted by pump systems so that the process can be speeded up.


Benefits of Buying a Walk-in Tub

Most bathrooms nowadays have bath tubs which are perfect for bathing little children, and for those days when you just want to soak in hot water infused with aromatherapy oils and perhaps a generous amount of Epsom salts to relieve your body of pains. Bath tubs come in a large variety of designs to easily fit into the design scheme of bathrooms – you have those traditional porcelain types with fancy claw feet that actually can be moved around; wood tubs for that rustic, country feel; stone tubs, and many others.

However, if you have safety as a top consideration in buying a tub for your bathroom, a walk-in tub will prove to be the smartest option because safety is its main benefit. With its door for easy access, you never have to worry about the height of the tub rendering your footing unstable as you enter. If you have weak knees or you’re simply not a tall person, the door will make entry a breeze. Also, if you have children, you don’t need to carry them into the tub, which can be quite dangerous especially if they tend to throw a fit during bath time.

Another safety advantage with this kind of tub is that it has a slip-resistant bottom. As it’s originally intended for old people, the designers of the walk-in tub made sure that there’s a very low risk of slipping when taking a bath. You don’t have to buy those adhesive stickers anymore.

A third benefit of buying this product is that it’s deeper and comes with a seat so you’re thoroughly comfortable as your body is partly submerged in water. You won’t have to strategically and carefully position your lower body down on the floor of the tub; this is a major plus for people who have mobility issues.It’s worth mentioning that walk-in tubs have grab bars next to the door which are likewise helpful for old people who want to adjust their positions in the bath.

A fourth benefit is that it comes with anti-scald technology. This maintains the ideal temperature of the water for every bath. You can just relax and not worry about water getting cold or too hot as you’re soaking your aches away or washing away the day’s grime.

And lastly, most of these tubs also have an auto-gravity purge jet system to make bathing even more relaxing and beneficial to the health. The bursts of water designed to hit pressure points can exfoliate skin and at the same time improve blood circulation, so bathing becomes not just an effective hygiene practice but a good strategy for the promotion of good internal physical functioning as well.


3 Things to Consider Before Buying from Walk-in Bathtubs Retailers Online

Online shopping has definitely empowered the buying public by helping them make more informed decisions. Moreover, making a purchase from your computer, laptop or mobile phone is often more convenient and economical than going to a brick-and-mortar shop. The online marketplace has grown and developed through the years such that most online stores can now offer a more secure, more budget-friendly and more fun shopping experience than ever before.

With the many advantages that online shopping brings, it’s not so surprising to see people buying even big-ticket items off the Internet. For instance, with the boom enjoyed by the home improvement industry recently, consumers have been buying major home building items online, from roofs to walls to floors to outdoor installations. For those who are renovating to improve the safety levels of their home, walk-in bathtubs are a popular purchase.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a walk-in tub online, consider the following:

Take advantage of information online. Some experts don’t really recommend buying from an online retailer as an option, primarily because the prices published online can be confusing or misleading for not-so-savvy online shoppers. However, it’s still a good idea to goonline and do your research. Read up on walk-in bath tub reviews to get unbiased feedback about the products in the market. Familiarize yourself with product specifications and terms so you can narrow down your choices and avoid gettingblinded by false claims and empty sales talk.

Try to visit a showroom. A goodpractice that savvy online shoppers often do is to note down the relevant information they have collected online, and come up with a list of the brandsand models that often come highly recommended by buyers and reviewers. Then, schedule a day or two to visit the showrooms that carry the brands you prefer. This will allow you to check the units up close and personal, instead of judging them by simply looking at the screen.

Ask about the installation. A walk-in bath tub cannot offer top-notch safety without proper installation. The tub should be measured and carry the features that are precisely according to the dimensions of the bathroom and the needs of the user. An installer from a reputable company can come into your home to do on-site measurements and evaluation. Based on the on-site evaluation, the installer will provide you recommendations on specific tub units and models that will be most suitable to your mobility concerns, budget, lifestyle and preferences.

Consider this combination of online shopping and on-site evaluation if you want to ensure a smart walk-in bathtub purchase.


How to Pick the Best Brand for Walk-in Bath Tubs

For people in their 70s or 80s, doing some of the routine things that used to get done with ease will suddenly become overwhelming — even hazardous. This is the case with bathing.

Taking a bath in traditional tubs may give way to accidents for aging people. A slip or a fall could turn bathing into a safety issue. Aging seniors are not the only ones who are at risk when bathing in traditional tubs. People with mobility issues could also encounter similar accidents when bathing in one.

Thankfully, a fitting solution lies with a walk-in tub.

Walk-in bath tubs are specially designed tubs that come with doors that open and close on the front or side. This will allow seniors and people with mobility issues to easily get in and out, without having to lift their legs over the threshold. A walk-in tub could cost anywhere from a low of $2,500 (or lower) to a high of $10,000 (or higher).

Whether you go with the lower end model or not, it’s important to find the best brand so that you get your money’s worth without sacrificing quality and safety. Here are some tips for finding the right brand of walk-in tub.

Think about Tub Size.

Before considering all the so-called “bells and whistles” of a really great walk-in tub, it’s essential to get a brand that will fit the bathroom. Otherwise, installation will be a nightmare, not to mention costly. But most tubs will fit your old bathtub space.

Quality is Crucial to the Longevity and Performance of the Walk-in Tub.

The highest quality walk-in bathtubs are made from the US. But a closer look at the material is needed to guarantee quality. The marine grade gel coated fiberglass walk-in tub is reportedly the best material.

Aside from the material, one good way of ensuring qualty is to go with a brand that offers lengthy warranties, including a lifetime leak-proof door seal warranty. A sufficient warranty is the brand’s way of telling consumers they fully stand behind the quality of their walk-in bathtubs.

Match the Features to the Needs.

Different walk-in bathtubs come with a variety of features; some of the higher end models come with bubble massage air jets and whirlpool water jets. Such spa-like features not only create a wonderful bathing experience but a therapeutic one as well. Other features to consider are handheld showers, grab bars, and fast fill and drainage systems.

Door options should also be considered. For people who use wheelchairs, a door that opens outward might be needed. The rising wall walk-in tub features a panel that slides up and down for easy entry, too.

Look for Happy Customers.

Finally, nothing validates the quality and performance of a brand than satisfied customers. Find reviews of actual customers and users, and compare these with industry reviews for further evaluation.


How to Create the Perfect “Me” Time with Your Walk-in Tubs

The bathroom can easily be your special sanctuary; it’s the perfect place for “me” time. You can shut everybody out and just focus on your wellness. If you have walk-in tubs, all the better, because you can regularly experience hydrotherapy—especially if the tub comes with those power jets that blast streams of water toward those crucial pressure points.

Getting that much-needed alone time spent soaking in the tub can be made even more relaxing and satisfying. Take note of these tips and you can create a bathing experience that’s not only good for your body, but also for your spirit.

  1. Use scented bath oils for an aroma-therapeutic soak. The delicious scents will not only titillate your senses, but they can also actually make your skin feel smoother and softer. Some aromatic oils are also known to relax tension knots and calm the mind.
  2. Play an audio book as you soak. If you rarely find the time to read anything, you can use your relaxing bath time to catch up on literary pieces that you fancy. The really nice thing about this is that you can keep your hands free, your eyes closed, and just listen to the story unfold where there’s no distraction.
  3. If you’re not keen on someone narrating in the background, just listen to relaxing music. Listening to j azz or classical music while soaking your body aches away will surely have you emerge from your “me” time not just refreshed, but also quite happy.
  4. Use the special mechanism of the walk-in tub that will keep your water at an ideal temperature the whole time. You can gain optimum relaxation benefits from this.
  5. Use body scrubs, Epsom salts or a loofah to get rid of dead skin cells. After soaking for some time, it’s bound to be easier for dirt and rough skin to slough off. Likewise, when you do this in the tub, you improve your blood circulation, and that’s always beneficial to health.
  6. Add generous amounts of Epsom salts to your bath water to treat stiffness, pains and other physical discomforts. Epsom salt in the water will also help detoxify your body and boost your immune system, especially during the really cold season.
  7. Light some candles instead of using your bathroom lights. This is not only for creating the right ambience; dim lighting can also alleviate headaches, so if you’ve been experiencing some really bad headaches, choosing dim lighting as you bathe will help.


Walk-in Bathtub Installation Tips

The installation of walk-in bathtubs is best left to professionals. This will ensure that the task is done correctly on the first try.

However, if you have confidence in your DIY skills, especially in plumbing, you will find that installing a walk-in bathtub is a pretty straightforward task that you can accomplish easily. If you are planning to install this kind of tub in your bathroom, here are some helpful tips that can make things easier for you.

But before proceeding with the installation process, make sure that you carefully inspect the bathtub and look for signs of damage or defects. If you do find any of these, contact the seller and do not proceed with the installation.

Before proceeding with the installation, there are few more things that you need to check. First, make sure that you have enough room for the installation. You have to remove the door jamb in order to get the new bathtub into the bathroom. You also need to make sure that you have standard hook-ups for the plumbing installed. It is advisable to have 3/4 inch pipes installed to supply the water to the tub. This will allow the bathtub to be filled quickly. Finally, you may also have to have an electrician install a 15 amp electrical circuit which will be dedicated to the tub.

Also, if you are installing the bathtub in a bathroom with an existing one, the first order of business is to remove the old bathtub as well as the fixtures and plumbing. Before proceeding with the installation of the new bathtub, be sure that the plumbing is properly put into place.

After undertaking these tasks, the next order of business is to position the new bathtub into place. Make sure that the new tub is leveled. In order to do this, you can adjust the feet of your new bathtub. After putting the new bathtub into place, the next task you need to do is install it as well as its various components.

Once the new bathtub is put in its place, the next thing you need to do is to install the features that come along with it. If your bathtub has hydrotherapy features, you need to call in a licensed electrician to handle some of the tasks. Avoid performing electrical works if you are not a qualified electrician. Doing this will only put you and your property at risk.

After finishing the installation process, run the water and check for any leaks. Next, check the water pressure and see whether that is adequate.


Make an Informed Purchasing Decision with the Help of Walk-in Tub Reviews

Apart from helping improve bathroom safety (especially if you have elderly people living with you), walk-in bathtubs offer several therapeutic benefits. But before you walk into a showroom and ask the salesperson which model is their bestseller, it is worthwhile to evaluate walk-in tub reviews first so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Gone are the days when people relied solely on salespeople to help them decide which products and services to buy. With the advent of the Internet, people have begun to realize that when it comes to purchasing, they have the power to decide what is best for them. And instead of relying on marketing materials produced by manufacturers, savvy consumers factor in the real-life experience of other customers with regards to a particular product. This allows them to assess whether a product fits their specific needs or whether they are better off looking at a different model.

But before you go online to scan walk-in bathtub reviews, it is crucial that you list down your specific needs as well as the features that answer these. Simply looking at the ratings of available bathtub models will only paint a partial picture. After listing down your specific needs, it is beneficial to rank these features and even segregate these into wants and needs. This will enable you to objectively compare walk-in bathtub models.

Many consumers begin their search for reviews by looking at online retailers. These can give you differing opinions as well as real-life snapshots and experiences of people who purchased the particular bathtub models on your shortlist.

However, you should not rely solely upon these. These should comprise a fraction of the online resources you should use.

One particular resource that you may want to consult are user forums. Some forum members may have purchased more than one bathtub model and their opinions about and comparisons between these can help you greatly in your search for the right walk-in tub to buy.

Round up your online resources by looking at niche websites which focus entirely on walk-in bathtubs. These will allow you to see different models side by side in one place—even those models which may be outside of your radar.

After reading reviews from multiple sources, you should try to balance everything out. Specifically, try to establish a middle ground by weeding out both overly positive and negative reviews. More often than not, when a review is too positive, it was written by the manufacturers themselves. And conversely, negative reviews were probably written by outliers—a handful of people who had bad luck in their shopping experience.