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How to Make Soaks in Walkin Bathtubs Even More Beneficial

After a long day, whether you spent it toiling, socializing, or even just lounging around the house, there’s nothing better than a good soak in a warm bath. It is a very soothing, relaxing cap to your day, whether you had a good one or an unpleasant one.

If you or somebody who lives with you has some mobility issues, then you should definitely consider looking at walkin bathtubs. These are the perfect solution for the elderly and the handicapable who have a hard time safely getting in and out of the bath tub.

Walkin bathtubs have hinged doors that let users easily stroll in, sit themselves on the built-in seat, wait for the tub to fill up, and enjoy their bath. When they’re through, they wait for the water to drain out, and then easily walk out of the tub.

If you want to amplify the benefits you can get from a hot or warm bath in a walk-in bathtub, you can try the following to enhance the experience and help your body feel so much better.

  • Oatmeal – If you suffer from skin irritation, oatmeal is really good at getting rid of the itches. Of course, there’s also good old baking soda for dealing with skin issues.
  • Peppermint – If you need to feel extra refreshed and rejuvenated, try adding some peppermint leaves or essential oil. Anything in the mint family would be cooling and reviving.
  • Lavender – If you’re taking your bath right before bedtime, adding some drops of lavender essential oil will help soothe you and allow you to have a more pleasant slumber. Vanilla is another aroma that makes people feel sleepy, so if you want to guarantee sleep, adding some of this would be a good idea
  • Eucalyptus – If you had a hard day and your body needs some relief for your strained muscles, this would make your bath more soothing to your tired self. Bay, Epsom salts, and sage will also do the trick. If you’re battling a cold, some eucalyptus leaves would also be helpful.
  • Detox combos – There are different combinations of herbs and other substances that work well for detoxifying your body. Here’s an example: marjoram, pine needles, thyme leaves, and baking soda.

If you want your baths to be even more therapeutic, you might opt for tubs that have water or air jets.

Whatever may be ailing you, you can look up herbal or essential oil options that you can add to your bath water to make it extra beneficial. You may definitely experiment until you find the enhancements that work for you. It’s really up to you to make bath time as enjoyable and as beneficial as possible.


Cautionary Tale for Those Looking to Invest in Walk-in Bath Tubs

Have you heard of the father-daughter scheming tandem who were arrested for scamming elderly people? Here is a testament that bad guys do come in all forms, kinds, and modus operandi. Once upon a time, a fraud case involved a father-daughter duo who ran a seemingly legitimate marketing business that was actually designed to rip off elderly folks.

In this scheme, no actual property was stolen in the typical sense, but they took advantage of the elderly by selling walk-in bath tubs for which they had charged their customers with a 100 percent markup value. Their company also installed the tubs without the required city permits and licenses. Besides these, the products supplied by the company were inferior China-made tubs, the electrical and plumbing of which wouldn’t have passed US codes. True enough, their customers soon started experiencing issues, which the company was, of course, loath to fix.

Fortunately, the high-living father and daughter were caught and charged with a laundry list of offenses including perjury, conspiracy, money laundering, theft from an elderly or dependent adult, and burglary with enhancements related to elderly victims. They were also accused of theft by false pretense (a felony).

The tandem had an elaborate scheme with hired marketers feeding prospective customers with a fake story in order to entice them into purchase. Some of the unfair business practices and misrepresentations committed by the company include telling victims that the walk-in bath tubs were made in America and that they were safety-tested—they were not. The entire operation was shady, involving hundreds of low-wage telemarketers who pushed the walk-in tubs using altered lines so that the people they call wouldn’t be able to detect the correct telephone number.

The company also filed false information with government agencies as well as fraudulently inflated the financial information of their customers on credit applications so that they would be qualified for financing.

In effect, victims of the company spent about $15,000 each on illegally sold and improperly installed walk-in tubs and then they had to spend some more money to get somebody to come in and take them out.

Let this story be a cautionary one for those who are thinking of enhancing their bathroom to make it easier to use for elderly or handicapped loved ones. Make sure that you do your due diligence so you end up with a legally sold and properly installed high quality tub that you won’t regret acquiring.


Making a Walk in Bathtub Soak More Pleasing and Relaxing

Aside from being functional, the ideal bathroom should also be a calming and relaxing retreat right in your home. Having the right bathtub (and of course, soaking in it) can help you unwind and feel more calm, and it can also enable you to release some of your stress and worries after a hard day’s work.

A walk in bathtub comes with all the features of a regular tub. However, with walk in bathtubs, you will enjoy the ease of access of a shower with all the comfort of a bath. They are designed to be walked into, rather than stepped over to get in; this makes them more accessible and safer to use, especially for the elderly and disabled. They are also often taller than traditional tubs, whichthen guarantees a deeper soak and reduces the chances of water spilling over the side.

Since walk in bathtubs provide ease of access anda deeper soak, you will certainly enjoy your baths more. But you can even make your baths more calming and pleasing by following the tips below:

  • Put some bath salts, bubble bath or other water soluble minerals in the water.These products help make the water gentler on your skin sincethey moisturize it rather than leaving it dry after you bathe. These bath salts can also help perfume the water, making your bathing experience more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Light some aromatic candles.If you’re really into aromatics, you can surround the tub with lighted scented candles. For a more relaxing and calming ambiance,you can try lavender. You can choose rosemary-scented candlesif you want to stimulate your mind.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes.You will certainly enjoy and savor the serenity of a quiet bath where the only sound is the soft splashing you make when you move. But if you’re looking for a little more, you can put on some music. Whether you’re into jazz, classics, or pop, putting on the right playlist can help you unwind and relax even more.
  • Consider investing in water jets.Finally, having a jetted tub can truly be the pinnacle of bathing experiences. Water jets provide a soothing and gentle massage that can help you relax more, reduce stress, and sootheyour tense muscles. Hydrotherapy can also improve blood circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system.

Having a walk in bathtub can really help you enjoy your bath even more. By following the tips above, you can also turn a hot water bath into something more calming and relaxing that is good for both your mind and body.


Walk In Tub For Seniors: What To Consider When Buying One

Upgrading a home becomes a necessity when you live with the elderly. Certain modifications have to be made to ensure that your aging parents or grandparents can move around the house with ease and safety. And one of the more critical areas to focus on is the bathroom.

Better, Smarter Tub

The bathroom can be hazardous for aging people. It will get slippery. Getting in and out of the tub can also be difficult. Without any kind of supporting rails, accidents will happen. While you could always assist during bath time, the loss of independence often leads to depression for many elderly people.

A better and smarter way to help aging residents is to find suitable walk in tubs for seniors. Installing one in your bathroom will keep them safe during bath time. It will restore their sense of independence. And it will make the task even more enjoyable—that is, with the right walk in tub.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider when choosing one for your beloved seniors.

The size and the shape of the tub.

Walk in tubs will come in different sizes and shapes. You want to make sure the new tub will fit into the bathroom. Some walk in tubs though will come with extension kits to allow for a good fit.

To minimize reconfiguration, get your bathroom measured and checked against the size and shape of the walk in tub before purchasing.

Look for quality.

Walk in tubs could be made from acrylic or fiberglass. Acrylic might be pricier than fiberglass but acrylic lasts longer and stays in better shape. Meanwhile, fiberglass could discolor over time.

In addition to the material, ask about the warranty on the walk in tub—the longer the better. A leak proof door seal should also be guaranteed.

Look over the features.

Which walk in tub would benefit the seniors you live with: a therapeutic tub or a basic soaker? A therapeutic tub can feature bubble massage air jets, which are good for elderly who have sensitive skin, and whirlpool water jets, which benefit those with arthritic pain.

Aside from providing hydrotherapy, the walk in tub should fill and drain quickly. You don’t want your elderly parents or grandparents waiting around at bath time.

Walk in tubs deliver an easier and better experience for seniors. Invest in one today. And help your loved ones regain the joy of bathing once again.


Key Qualities of the Best Walk in Tubs

As people grow older, it becomes more critical to change or adjust certain aspects of their lifestyles to accommodate their changing needs. Taking a bath, for instance, can be become quite a difficult and complex chore for the elderly. It can even become a health hazard for them as well.

For individuals living with a senior citizen, it is essential to ensure their safety and comfort when they are taking a bath. One way of doing this is changing the tub they regularly use and having a walk in bathtub installed in the bathroom.

Walk in tubs are basically the same as traditional bathtubs, except that they have been modified with features that make bathing safer, more convenient and comfortable. A walk in bathtub has a built-in door, which means you don’t have to climb into it when you will take a bath, effectively reducing the chances of slipping or falling. And although they have doors, they are watertight so you won’t have to worry about spillages that may cause slips and consequently, different types of injuries. Since walk in bathtubs are usually larger and deeper, senior citizens can use them for both showering and bathing, comfortably and safely.

A walk in bathtub though can be quite a costly investment. If you’re looking for the right tub that ensures a safe and comfortable bathing experience every time for your loved one, below are some key qualities or features to look for in the walk in bathtub you should buy:

  • It should be made of high quality materials. The best and most durable walk in bathtubs are made from materials that do not easilycrack or get scratches. Look for one that is fade resistant as well.Most good quality walk in tubs are made of gel coat, fiberglass, and acrylic.
  • It comes with anti-slip features. Choose a tubthat comes with anti-slip floors, seats and bathmats since these items or features guarantee thatno accidental slips take place.
  • It should have anti-scalding technology.A person, regardless of age, can also get hurt if the water in the tub gets too hot. The ideal walk in tub you should have in your home should also have anti-scald technology that automatically keeps the water temperature from getting too high.
  • It should be low maintenance.Aside from choosing a tub that is made of durable materials, ideally, it should be low maintenance, too. The tub should be bacteria- and mold-resistant so that it can stay clean with less work from your part.
  • Easy access. Lastly, the user should have easy access to all of the buttons or knobs, handles, the doors and other features of the tub so that his or her bathing experience is always safe, convenient and comfortable.


What Walk In Bathtubs Offer Beyond A Good Soak

There’s nothing quite like the relaxation you can get from good soak in a hot bath. Unfortunately, the standard tub is not so easy to get into for the elderly and others who also suffer from mobility problems. To make it possible for them to enjoy a hot bath, walk in bathtubs were invented.

What exactly is a walk-in bathtub? It is a specialty product that boasts a watertight, hinged door built into the side of the tub to provide a much easier means of entry for the bather. The standard tub has a threshold that’s about 15 inches high, while a walk-in tub has one that’s much lower at three to seven inches.

Besides the door, a walk-in bathtub usually also has other convenient features such as a built-in seat, anti-slip floors, grab bars, and a handheld showerhead. If you want your baths to be extra therapeutic, you may opt for models that come with water or air jets, which are great for people with arthritis and other pains.

Technically, the reason why walk-in bathtubs exist is to allow people who have difficulty getting in and out of a regular bathtub to be able to use a tub with minimal difficulty and, thus, enjoy the simple but immense pleasure of soaking in a tub anytime they want to. What a walk-in bathtub actually offers, however, is so much more than that.

  • Safety. Everybody worries about slips and falls in the bathroom; the worry is magnified, of course, when an elderly or handicapable person is the one navigating it. Instead of risking a fall, seniors and other people with disability often resign themselves to simple showers. With a walk-in tub, a bath becomes the safer option. It is designed to make baths as safe as possible for bathers. This explains all the safety features present.
  • Independence. Perhaps you haven’t given up baths altogether, but you do need assistance from a nurse or family member to get in and out of the tub. This is not very dignified, but some people with disability tend to resign themselves to this blow to their pride. Self-sufficiency is a difficult thing to maintain, but with innovations like walk-in tubs, an elderly or handicapable person can move about and perform routine tasks efficiently and independently.
  • Therapy. Baths are great forms of therapy, so it would be ironic to deprive those who really need them of the benefits that a good bath offers. To add to its relaxing and soothing properties, you can turn on the water and/or air jets (if available) for some hydrotherapy.

A walk-in bathtub could very well be one of the most important empowerment tools you purchase, so think on it and make sure you end up getting one that suits your needs the most.


What Are The Benefits Of Walk In Tub For Seniors?

Seniors will find the bathroom somewhat difficult. For starters, it’s slippery. Most aging people will not have the usual strength and balance they had as young people. So walking into a bathroom can become quite the challenge. For many homes where seniors live, installing handrails and/or having someone assist elders into the room are essential to making daily life easier for aging relatives.

With installation of walk in tubs, seniors get a whole lot more than mobility assistance.

Small Step, Big Changes

The perfect walk in tub for seniors can improve daily routines so much that it practically could be considered a life changer. The innovative tub is designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors (and people with mobility issues). It will feature inward door opening, low threshold entry, safety rails and handles, slip resistant flooring, and built-in contoured seats.

Seniors need not worry about slipping or straining to get into the tub. It creates a safe environment for them to bathe.

You’ll be comforted knowing your aging parents or grandparents are able to bathe easily and safely. Since walk in tubs basically allow seniors to bathe in privacy and not have anyone assist them, regaining some sense of independence will also revitalize them.

Independence is crucial to the emotional well-being of seniors. It reinforces dignity and boosts self-confidence.

Bath Time Heals

Securing safety and regaining independence are all well and good. But those are not the only benefits that walk in tubs deliver. These innovative bathtubs are built with water or air jetting systems; some walk in tubs feature dual jetting systems. These jets are placed strategically in the tub to offer maximum health benefits and create a spa-like experience.

Seniors can luxuriate in hydrotherapy with their chosen walk in tub; hydrotherapy will work on sore joints and muscles, and soothe target areas: arms, hips, legs, and lower back. The American Cancer Society also notes that hydrotherapy can provide symptom relief from many ailments and promote relaxation.

With warm water being pumped through the jets, walk in tubs can increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissues. It can delay damage to joints or restore strength. For seniors suffering through arthritis, the warm water therapy of walk in tubs would greatly manage pain.

Soaking in a warm bath could also improve a senior citizen’s heart health. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic reveals that warm baths increase heart rate while lowering blood pressure. This then delivers cardiovascular benefits without seniors having to exert too much effort, which is what happens with cardio exercises.

Safety. Independence. Healing. All from one innovative bathtub. Give your senior relatives this gift—and help improve their daily lives.


The Importance of Walk In Tub Reviews

In the past, when you wanted to purchase an item, you either listened to the sales pitch of the store's staff or you asked recommendations from the people you trust, including loved ones and friends.

Today, the marketplace is evolving in such a way that the consumer is empowered. Through product reviews, including walk in tub reviews, prospective buyers are given the opportunity to carefully assess the pros and cons of a specific model or brand, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions.

But what's the reason behind this trend? Why are product reviews more important now, more than ever?

The consumer is constantly bombarded with information

Over time, consumers have developed strong filters that allow them to look past the superlatives. With product reviews, consumers can leave their guard down because these were written by real people who have had actual experience in using a product.

A sense of distrust

Numerous studies indicate that consumers are fast losing confidence in different forms of advertising. In contrast, more and more consumers are turning to online platforms, including social networks and product review sites, in order to learn more about a particular product.


Because product reviews are written by ordinary individuals instead of copywriters from an advertising agency, these are easier to understand and are more relatable.

Social proof

Purchasing a product on a whim, with hardly any information about it, carries a considerable amount of risk. One way for consumers to lessen this risk is to read product reviews.

The proper way to use product reviews

Before scanning product reviews, you first need to ascertain what your exact needs are. This will allow you to narrow down your choices and focus on the right types of reviews.

It is also highly recommended to get reviews from different sources, including reviews from online merchants, niche websites and online forums. When looking at product reviews, strive to seek the middleground. This means avoiding reviews that are overly positive or negative. If a review looks too positive, it is highly likely that it has been written by the staff of the manufacturer. Conversely, a scathing review may be written by a consumer who simply had bad luck with the product.The best approach here is to find overall themes and use those when making an informed choice.

However, do not base your decision solely on product reviews. Beyond reviews, it is also crucial to consider other important factors including price and after sales support.


The Delightful Function Delivered By a Walk In Tub

Porcelain bathtubs are common bathroom elements. Most homes have one, but a walk in tub is not really as common. Oftentimes, households that have one had to upgrade to it to effectively cater to the mobility needs of elderly members of the family who simply find it difficult and unsafe to step over the side of a tub to get in.

If you’re having a house made and you want a really nice bathroom (or if you’re just renovating your bathroom), opting for a walk in tub will always prove to be a smart decision, because not only is it so much safer to use than a regular bathtub, but it’s also more functionally versatile. How, exactly?

Most walk in tubs come with spa jets. This means the relaxation experienced while soaking is way better. Those spa jets provide delightful massage action, so if you have tension knots all over the body, bathing in such a tub will surely help alleviate or undo those painful tension knots.

In addition to massage action, those spa jets can also help exfoliate the body. The blasts of water from these jets can help get rid of dirt and dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and unhealthy. If you pair that exfoliating action with essential oils and bath bombs, a single soak in a walk in tub will prove to be even more beneficial to the skin.

Likewise, it’s worth mentioning that a walk in tub is much deeper than most bathtubs, so a full soak is much easier and safer. Some designs even have seats so if you like to do all sorts of things while soaking, such as shaving your legs and scrubbing, you no longer need to create a comfy, slide-resistant seat to do all these activities safely.

When it comes to maintaining the right water temperature for bathing, walk in tubs definitely outperform regular tubs because they come with features that maintain the right water temperature no matter how long you’ve been soaking. A typical porcelain tub doesn’t do that; you need to add more hot water over time because the water cools down after a while.

And lastly, this tub tends to be easier to clean as well because of the spa jets that blast water into the tub. They create water movement to dislodge dirt better (like a washing machine) so you don’t have to spend so much time scrubbing and hosing everything down.


How To Pick Your Very Own Walk-in Bathtub

Having a walk-in bathtub installed in your home is a great idea if you have mobility issues and have a hard time getting in and out of a traditional tub. But with so many types to choose from, finding the model that suits you best can be a challenge. Before you set out to order one, the following are factors to consider:

  • Warranties – Walk-in bathtubs don’t come cheap, so make sure that the product you choose comes with a lifetime “leak-proof” door seal warranty as well as long-term warranties on both the tub and the operating system.
  • Size – Walk-in bathtubs come in various shapes and sizes, but they generally have high walls and span 26 to 32 inches across.You can rest assured that most of them will fit the usual 60-inch-long space in your bathroom allotted for a regular tub. Walk-in bathtubs tend to be shorter, so if your choice doesn’t fit into that space, you can get an extension kit for it.
  • Entry and Exit Feature – There are basically two door options: one that swings inward (more common) and one that swings outward (preferable for people who use a wheelchair). Another possibility is a tub with a rising wall. It sits about two feet from the ground and boasts a side panel that slides up and down to allow you to enter the tub seated. This makes it another good option for those in a wheelchair.
  • Tub – You can get a simple soaker, a hydrotherapy tub, an aerotherapy tub, or a combination of the two.
  • Filling and Draining System – With regular tubs, the bather usually fills the tub first before getting into it and then drains it before getting out of it. This is obviously not an option for walk-in tub users. The problem with sitting in the tub as you wait for it to fill or drain is that you could get cold, so to avoid this unpleasant experience, make sure that you opt for fast-filling and fast-draining tubs. These are pump-assisted to significantly speed up the two processes.

Nowadays, walk-in bathtub are offered by many different companies. Their products naturally differ not only in brand but in quality as well. You may go directly to different company showrooms to purchase your tub, although stores like Home Depot and Sears sell them, too.

As mentioned above, a walk-in bathtub costs a pretty penny and is not covered by medical plans. Fortunately, many companies offer financing with easier payment plans. This is another thing you’ll want to look into before you make your decision.