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Do I Need to Completely Remodel My Bathroom to Fit in a Walk In Tub?

Completely remodeling your bathroom is unnecessary if your only aim is to convert your current tub into a walk in bathtub. Walk in tubs are designed to fit into your current space without much hassle. Most fit right into your available standard shower or tub unit without tearing out the existing fixtures. Some models are made to be sealed into place and others offer more flexibility, allowing for removal as needed.   Considerations Walk in tubs for seniors come in a variety of sizes suited to every size bathroom. The largest models will fit a standard tub while the smaller models are made to be inserted into tighter spaces. Of course, there are plenty of mid-range sizes as well. You will not need to undertake a complete remodel, but you may want to consider a few options prior to making your walk in tub purchase.   Exposed Flooring or Pipes In some cases, you might have exposed flooring or pipes, depending on the type and size of handicapped tub you purchase. Should you have unsightly exposures, you can cover them with specialized skirting for a more finished and attractive look.   Protecting Your Walls To avoid the need to repair and replace your bathroom walls, you may want to consider purchasing a special three-section wall protector. This helps to prevent water damage, as well as mold and mildew growth.   Potential Gaps Depending on your chosen walk in bathtub size, it is possible that gaps will occur when the insert is fitted to your existing tub or shower. While this can be an eyesore, it does not have to be permanent. Handicapped tubs are available with optional extension kits, allowing you to fill in those gaps, creating a smooth finish and a much better view from inside the tub.   Flooring Consider tiled flooring or non-skid tiles to further prevent accidents. You should also check to see if the floor beneath your existing tub calls for reinforcement. This will help to ensure you floor is not rotting or caving in, and that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience for many more years.   While a complete remodel isn't needed, you definitely want to consider the options you have for creating a finished look once the new bathtub is installed. You also want to be aware of the space you have to work with, taking time to carefully consider not only the size of the walk in tub itself, but also the area around it. Even though there are custom options for left and right-handed people, you will want to think about the space around the tub in regards to how the door opens and how much area you need for maneuvering into the walk in bathtub.   Even though you don't need to remodel the whole bathroom to fit in a walk in, you will want to inspect your bathroom beforehand, ensuring you know what you will need and what tasks will need to be performed prior to installing a new bathtub.


Improving Bathroom Safety

Safety in the home is an issue that effects everyone, however, those who are aging or have medical conditions which cause them to be unstable at times need to address the situation in a more direct manner. Bathroom accidents such as slips and falls can be devastating and cause irreversible damage to the body. This is why those who wish to remain as independent as possible in their own homes as they go through the aging process need to take steps to improve the safety features found in their bathrooms.
There are various ways and means of making a bathroom safer for the elderly or those that have balance issues. The use of a walk-in tub for bathing purposes is one of the top options as it removes the need to bend in and out of standard tubs which could pose a fall hazard. One can then add extra safety features to the bathroom such as grab bars, shower chairs and non-slip floors. The use of an assortment of safety devices and items all come together to make the bathroom one of the safer areas within the home and this is quite helpful for those who want to remain independent and thus live on their own for as long as possible.The main item to add or include in a bathroom is a walk-in bathtub and it is the most beneficial addition one can make. This is because the elderly tend to have balance and coordination problems and when they attempt to get in and out of a wet bathtub they may slip or fall. This is critical as even a slight slip can cause broken, shattered, fractured or damaged bones. The elderly need to be as safe and careful as possible. When you use things designed to improve safety in a bathroom such as grab bars for helping to keep ones self steady, non-clip floors to prevent feeling or being unsteady on your feet and shower chairs to allow for periods of rest as needed; the bathroom turns in to a place that can be safe for all to use in the right manner and without the help of others.


Elderly Care in Nursing Home vs at Home

When it comes to elderly care, most people would prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. While this is not always an option, it is the preference most would love. There is something about being at home, surrounded by personal items and being able to do whatever you want that is appealing.
Nursing facilities are great places for those who need round the clock care or those who have no place to go. Staying in one’s own home is obviously the best medicine for most problems, and there are many services and apparatuses that can help a person to do so. Initially, having a CAN, or certified nursing assistance, come in to help with personal care, shopping, cleaning and cooking is a great start. Just because a person has a hard time keeping up with a home doesn't mean they should have to leave. At a nursing home there are strict rules and regulations, after all they have to make sure that numerous guests are comfortable. The alarms going off all night long, the roommate who keeps their television up to loud; these are all reasons why people would rather be at their own home.Things like a shower chair, wheelchairs and other devices make being at home doable. One newer creation in bathroom safety is the walk-in shower. So many seniors have problems getting in and out of the bathtub and this is cause for great concern. The walk-in shower is easy, because a person walks in, sits down and shuts the door. They can enjoy their bath and not worry about falling. All the proper safety precautions have been taken to ensure a person is safe.When the family has to make a decision to put a loved one in continuous care or to allow them to stay home, it is not an easy one. In fact, it is one of the hardest decisions a person can make. Rather than worrying constantly about the safety of a loved one, installing items, like a walk-in shower, can make the option of staying at home better for everyone.


Reviews for Seabridge Bathing

Seabridge bathing classic walk in tub has been an amazing add on to my home. Every since my mother moved in, I've been responsible for helping her get in and out of the bath tub. My husband and I decided to purchase the Seabridge Walk in Tub to make life easier and that is exactly what has happened.
The Seabridge classic walk in tub fits over my existing bath tub and has an inward opening door, allowing my mother to step in and out of the tub easily. It also comes with a 16 jet air massage which makes bathing soothing for my mother's old bones. It's complete shower system doesn't interfere with our bathroom's plumbing system, and this allows us to run the shower while running the bath all at the same time.
Seabridge Walk in Tub has been heaven sent to my family, as well as my mother. It's custom design makes bathing time much more enjoyable for not only my mother but myself as well.


Pros and Cons

Like everything else, there a pros and cons to having a walk in bathtub installed in your home. Walk in bathtubs are best for the elderly who need that extra assistance to enjoy a relaxing bath. The tubs have doors that swing for easy access for the user. These tubs are usually at any senior living center and retirement community, but now you can have them installed in your very own home. In addition, walk in bathtubs include various features such as bubble jets, adjustable shower heads and more. Be sure to research all of your options and talk with a professional to see what is best for you. Pros: The first great thing about a walk in bathtub is what I mentioned earlier, an elderly person will enjoy bath time much more when they have easy, accessible space. These tubs prevent slipping by adding handrails and pads to keep you comfortable and safe. Furthermore, installing a walk in bathtub adds value to your home. Cons: Spilling is one of the main cons to having a walk in bathtub. It's critical that as soon as you turn the water on the door is shut completely. This is especially difficult when you have to get in before starting the water as well. It is also more expensive to put in a fast- filling faucet and a fast draining system so that you can get out quickly when your done your bath. Installation in general ranges for the prices. Accoridng to Angie's List, a lower model will cost at least $2,500 and can go up to $10,000 for a higher end type. Have an in home consultation with a professional to see how much yours will cost and what types of features you want or need. Walk in bathtubs are great for easy access, improved circulation, relaxation and more.      


What is Best For Elderly Care?

In working within a business that helps elderly people remain living in their homes for as long as possible, we understand that this is what most people want. With that being said, that doesn't always mean that the home is the best place to seek proper care for yourself or a loved one.

Nursing Homes vs In-Home Care

For instance, if an elderly person is in a condition where they require around the clock care and a live-in nurse isn't an option, a nursing home would be the best option for keeping the person safe. For those that do not require such intense care, remaining at home may be a feasible option. This is especially true for if they have a spouse or loved one living with them or nearby. There are also other options available that believe it or not, are sometimes even covered by health insurance policies. For example, sometimes hiring an in-home CNA (certified nursing assistant) is possible because it is more cost effective for the insurance company so definitely be sure, to look into all of the options available.

Providing in-home care is about more than having someone home. For example, if the person is facing mobility issues, he or she may require handicap facilities to go about their day-to-day routine without injuring themselves. That is where the topic of walk-in bathtubs come in. If your financial and housing situation allows, various devices can be installed to help the elderly person remain at home for as long as possible. For instance wheel chairs, hand rails and of course, a walk-in bathtub can help make someone who has difficulty getting around, more comfortable. For more information on this subject, be sure to check out our guest post on this exact topic.