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Factors That Affect the Cost of Walk in Bathtubs Installation

Most bathroom injuries take place inside the bathtub or shower stall. Due to the slippery floor and the running water, these areas can really be a dangerous place for children, the elderly, and persons with physical disabilities. To make sure your bathroom is safe for every member of your family when they are taking a bath, you can consider investing in a walk in bathtub.

The primary benefit that walk in bathtubs offer is safety. These tubs are normally smaller than traditional ones and they come with a seating area. This particular type of bathtub comes with a door that you can open and close for easy entry and exit. The shower head and nozzles are also installed within arm’s reach from the seating area. Aside from ease of access, a walk in bathtub also comes with additional safety features such as handle bars placed inside the tub and anti-slip mats to prevent slipping and falling.

Once you have decided to have this type of tub installed in your bathroom, you should be prepared for all the expenses that come with it. Aside from the actual cost of the walk in bathtub itself, there will be some other factors that affect its installation. These factors include:

The condition and accessibility of your bathroom.You have to find out if the walk in bathtub can fit through your existing door. If it won’t, you may have to open up part of a wall in your bathroomin order to fit the new one in. Also, if the new bathtub is considerably heavier than your current one, you may also need to have the floor joists checked to be certain that they can support the additional weight.In both cases, you will have to shell out some additional money to pay experts to do these jobs.

The location and condition of your home’s plumbing system.You will incur more expenses if you are doing a total remodel of the bathroom and must relocate the position of the plumbing, as compared to simply swapping out one bathtub for another. Your current plumbing may work for an upgraded bathtub, but to be sure, talk to an expert about this first.

The existing flooring, tiles and surround. Lastly,if you are replacing your existing tub, you may need to replace the materials that surround it, such as the flooring and tiles,because your new tub is a different shape and size, or because you want everything to work or blend together. In addition, you haveto ensure that you have a watertight seal to avoid any leaks.

To lower your walk in bathtub installation cost, a good piece of advice to keep in mind is to hire contractors who are capable of doing all of the work involved in replacing your current tub. By doing so, you will also save some time with the whole installation process.


Walk In Tub Reviews – Important Features To Look Into

If you have elderly folks or people with disability with you, you would want to provide them with all the love and care they need. But at the same time, you would also want to give their caregivers greater ease.

One welcome addition to households with elderly and people with disability are walk-in bathtubs. These specialized bathtubs offer several benefits, especially for people with mobility issues.

For one, it makes bathing easier for them and their caregivers. Walk-in bathtubs also come with safety features like handrails, seats and texture pads which boost safety and comfort. These tubs also eliminate the need of sliding shower doors which often pose danger. Finally, the addition of a walk-in bathtub in your home can increase its market value.

But what should you look for when looking at walk in tub reviews?

One of the first things to look into is quality. Ideally, you should purchase from reputable manufacturers that can offer a lifetime warranty on the leak-proof seal of their products.

In terms of size and shape, you will encounter different tubs ranging in size from 26 to 32 inches in width. Most of this will fit in the same space occupied by a conventional bathtub. Otherwise, if the walk-in tub is too small for the available space in your bathroom, there are extension kits that can be purchased.

The doors of these specialized tubs are their most important feature. Typically, walk-in tubs open inwards. However, if you are purchasing this tub for someone who is wheelchair-bound or someone who is considerably large, a tub which opens outwards is a better choice. However, when you opt for the latter, you have to pay attention to the available space in your bathroom. You may also opt for bathtubs that have side panels that slide up and down.

The most basic option for these tubs is a soaker tub. There are also some tubs that offer whirlpool or bubble massage jets.

One final thing to consider when shopping for a walk-in tub is the rate the water fills and drains. Take note that you cannot turn on the water and fill up the tub before you enter it. And once you are done bathing, you have to wait until the tub is drained. Simply put, you should opt for a tub that fills up fast and drains quickly.

Walk-in bathtubs are a welcome addition to household with elderly people and persons with disability. However, you can only reap the benefits these offer if you take time to review your options and purchase a tub that fills your loved one’s needs.


What Walk In Bathtubs Offer Beyond A Good Soak

There’s nothing quite like the relaxation you can get from good soak in a hot bath. Unfortunately, the standard tub is not so easy to get into for the elderly and others who also suffer from mobility problems. To make it possible for them to enjoy a hot bath, walk in bathtubs were invented.

What exactly is a walk-in bathtub? It is a specialty product that boasts a watertight, hinged door built into the side of the tub to provide a much easier means of entry for the bather. The standard tub has a threshold that’s about 15 inches high, while a walk-in tub has one that’s much lower at three to seven inches.

Besides the door, a walk-in bathtub usually also has other convenient features such as a built-in seat, anti-slip floors, grab bars, and a handheld showerhead. If you want your baths to be extra therapeutic, you may opt for models that come with water or air jets, which are great for people with arthritis and other pains.

Technically, the reason why walk-in bathtubs exist is to allow people who have difficulty getting in and out of a regular bathtub to be able to use a tub with minimal difficulty and, thus, enjoy the simple but immense pleasure of soaking in a tub anytime they want to. What a walk-in bathtub actually offers, however, is so much more than that.

  • Safety. Everybody worries about slips and falls in the bathroom; the worry is magnified, of course, when an elderly or handicapable person is the one navigating it. Instead of risking a fall, seniors and other people with disability often resign themselves to simple showers. With a walk-in tub, a bath becomes the safer option. It is designed to make baths as safe as possible for bathers. This explains all the safety features present.
  • Independence. Perhaps you haven’t given up baths altogether, but you do need assistance from a nurse or family member to get in and out of the tub. This is not very dignified, but some people with disability tend to resign themselves to this blow to their pride. Self-sufficiency is a difficult thing to maintain, but with innovations like walk-in tubs, an elderly or handicapable person can move about and perform routine tasks efficiently and independently.
  • Therapy. Baths are great forms of therapy, so it would be ironic to deprive those who really need them of the benefits that a good bath offers. To add to its relaxing and soothing properties, you can turn on the water and/or air jets (if available) for some hydrotherapy.

A walk-in bathtub could very well be one of the most important empowerment tools you purchase, so think on it and make sure you end up getting one that suits your needs the most.


Why Seniors Are Smart To Invest In Walkin Bathtubs

As we get on in years, our body deteriorates. Our strength diminishes; our stamina dwindles; and our flexibility disappears. So many of the common activities we used to accomplish with no trouble whatsoever gradually begins to become more difficult to perform. One of these things is bathing. Did you ever imagine that you would have such a hard time enjoying a long, relaxing soak? No, you didn’t, which is why your bathroom isn’t fitted with a tub that caters to the specific requirements of elderly people.

Many seniors are loath to admit that taking baths has become an ordeal, but this is something that they need to address if they don’t want bathing to be a regular struggle or if they don’t want to have an accident for insisting on using a regular tub. They have to accept that they are faced with a new reality, and this reality calls for them to use walkin bathtubs instead of the ones they had no problem using in the past.

To begin with, the elderly need to realize that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous spots in a home. Many fall-related injuries happen there. Besides falls and sprains, there are also many cases of scalds. The solution to this is a walkin bathtub with all the convenient features such as a door and a built-in seat as well as safety details such as a slip-proof floor, grab bars and temperature controls.

Another point to consider is that when the body ages, it begins to experience different kinds of pain. It’s just part of the normal wear and tear, but the discomfort and agony need to be addressed. Do you resort to the typical response of relying on prescribed medication? This is dangerous path to take as pain pills are very addictive. Not only that, they also wreak havoc on the liver. Having a hydrotherapy or aerotherapy walk-in tub can definitely help in dealing with pains. Whether you end up getting one with water jets or one with air jets, you can enjoy a therapeutic bath anytime you want or need to.

Walkin bathtubs are definitely a worthwhile investment. Do you know how dangerous, not to mention expensive, it is to have a fall in your advanced years? Besides the treatment of the injury itself, it could very well render you incapable of independent living, hence the possible need for assisted living or stay in a nursing home.

You can never be too careful in your golden years, so make sure that you have things that can help you be safer and more secure. A walk-in bathtub should be one of them.


Gain Peace of Mind Regarding Your Loved Ones’ Safety with a Walk-in Tub for Seniors

Your mother and father took excellent care of you during your childhood years. And while they will always be "super parents" in your eyes, now that you're an adult with a growing family of your own, you need to accept the fact that your parents are seniors who are now the ones requiring a certain level of assistance as they go about their routine.

Many elderly individuals can be quite sprightly even in their advanced age, choosing to fill their days with moderate physical activities and plenty of social interaction with their friends and relatives. Others, on the other hand, may have a disease or disability that they need to be mindful of, and while they can still engage in certain high-spirited endeavors, it would be more sensible to have a family member or care provider around to take care of some of the household chores and necessities.

An assurance of their safety and well-being

Your parent may be happy to let you pick up the grocery shopping or lawn maintenance tasks, but often, they would appreciate the opportunity to exercise a level of independence in more personal matters, like bathing. And while you wouldn't want to invade their privacy, you're also understandably concerned about their ability to move around the bathroom safely on their own—after all, elderly people now have issues with their balance, coordination, strength and mobility to think about, and a wet, slippery floor can contribute to unfortunate accidents.

Purchasing and installing a walk-in tub for seniors may just be the happy medium that you need to arrive at with your parent. There's nothing like a good, long soak in warm water and soothing bath concoctions or even aromatherapy oils, and your beloved parent can still enjoy this simple indulgence. At the same time, you'll have greater peace of mind that your parent will have a safer bathing experience thanks to the special features that walk-in tubs come with, designed specifically with the elderly in mind:

A watertight hinged door built into the side of the tub. A traditional tub would typically have a threshold measuring about 15 inches; because the elderly may have a difficult time stepping over this height, walk-in tubs are built with doors that measure only from 3 to 7 inches for greater ease and accessibility. You can also select a walk-in tub that has either an inward- or outward-opening door (the latter may be more ideal for larger users or users on wheelchairs, although tubs with that door orientation will require a bigger bathroom space).

Safety features like anti-slip floors, grab bars, a built-in safety seat and a handheld showerhead. These help ensure that the user would not face the risk of slipping, they would have something to hold on to when getting up or sitting down, they can comfortably sit up throughout the bath and easily stand up afterwards, and they can effectively wash themselves with a flexible portable showerhead.

Optional therapeutic add-ons. A standard walk-in tub for seniors will have a soaker tub, but if you wish to provide your loved ones with a means to find relief from conditions like arthritis or circulation issues, you can choose a therapeutic tub that comes with massage air jets or whirlpool water jets, or both.

Quick filling and draining functions. Sitting in the tub and waiting for it to fill or drain completely may leave your loved one feeling cold, so it's best to pick a tub that comes with fast-filling faucets and drainage assisted by pump systems so that the process can be speeded up.


Make an Informed Purchasing Decision with the Help of Walk-in Tub Reviews

Apart from helping improve bathroom safety (especially if you have elderly people living with you), walk-in bathtubs offer several therapeutic benefits. But before you walk into a showroom and ask the salesperson which model is their bestseller, it is worthwhile to evaluate walk-in tub reviews first so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Gone are the days when people relied solely on salespeople to help them decide which products and services to buy. With the advent of the Internet, people have begun to realize that when it comes to purchasing, they have the power to decide what is best for them. And instead of relying on marketing materials produced by manufacturers, savvy consumers factor in the real-life experience of other customers with regards to a particular product. This allows them to assess whether a product fits their specific needs or whether they are better off looking at a different model.

But before you go online to scan walk-in bathtub reviews, it is crucial that you list down your specific needs as well as the features that answer these. Simply looking at the ratings of available bathtub models will only paint a partial picture. After listing down your specific needs, it is beneficial to rank these features and even segregate these into wants and needs. This will enable you to objectively compare walk-in bathtub models.

Many consumers begin their search for reviews by looking at online retailers. These can give you differing opinions as well as real-life snapshots and experiences of people who purchased the particular bathtub models on your shortlist.

However, you should not rely solely upon these. These should comprise a fraction of the online resources you should use.

One particular resource that you may want to consult are user forums. Some forum members may have purchased more than one bathtub model and their opinions about and comparisons between these can help you greatly in your search for the right walk-in tub to buy.

Round up your online resources by looking at niche websites which focus entirely on walk-in bathtubs. These will allow you to see different models side by side in one place—even those models which may be outside of your radar.

After reading reviews from multiple sources, you should try to balance everything out. Specifically, try to establish a middle ground by weeding out both overly positive and negative reviews. More often than not, when a review is too positive, it was written by the manufacturers themselves. And conversely, negative reviews were probably written by outliers—a handful of people who had bad luck in their shopping experience.


No Lip Walk in Showers and Their Many Benefits and Advantages

No Lip Shower

Most individuals can appreciate a bath as an opportunity to relax and unwind after a hectic day. However, seniors and those with disabilities may find bathing hectic.

With the increasing number of persons with disabilities and the aging society, the market has come up with various options that allow safe and independent bathing options. No lip showers are a substitute for disabled or elderly homeowners.

This design has grown increasingly popular especially in European bathrooms. The design has a roll-in feature that enables people to roll or walk straight into the shower without any barriers.

These showers offer a higher level of accessibility for persons with disabilities while giving them independence. Homeowners can opt for custom-built showers or install ready-made units.

Features of No Lip Showers

The floors of these showers have a slope to permit sufficient drainage. Although the slope can be manual, specialized products are preferable. The low-threshold showers allow seats to roll directly into the shower, eliminating the risk of falling when entering the stall.

These designs feature showers that are flush with the floor, enabling greater space for showering. Some models feature fold-down seating, which enables disabled persons without wheelchairs to access these showers as well.

They also feature built-in soap dishes, which are typically lower in height than standard showering models. The flooring in these showers uses the same tiles as the rest of the bathroom. This flooring creates a spacious and clean aesthetic.

Benefits of No Lip Showers

These shower stalls are not only useful for those facing mobility impairments but the entire family as well. The units take up less bathroom space than a traditional shower and bathtub combination. This benefit helps change the appearance of smaller bathrooms.

The major benefit of these units is easy entry for persons with disabilities. Unlike a tub where people have to raise their legs to leave or enter the tub, users can roll or walk directly into these units. The units are ideal for elderly persons with joint problems or adults that have issues that prevent proper joint movement.

These units also have the added benefit of providing extra space. While tubs make bathrooms look small and cluttered, these units allow additional space, giving the bathroom a luxurious look. They are also easier to clean than traditional showers, which feature numerous sides and fittings that are hard to clean.

Shower Accessories for No Lip Showers

Shower accessories help transform ordinary bathing into a fun and fulfilling experience. An accessible shower caddy is useful especially for persons with disabilities. Homeowners can either install this accessory or use a portable one.

The shower caddy should be at a lower height for easy access. Homeowners can also install strategically placed shower sprays for easy movement.

Another accessory to consider is a shower bench to enable comfortable seating. Homeowners should ensure proper installation to make sure it could support considerable weight.

When installing these units, homeowners should consider safety, cost, and comfort to make the right and informed decision.


Whether you’re Elderly, Handicap, or in a Wheelchair: Finding the Right Walk in Tub for Your Mobility Issues.

Walk In Tubs for Mobility Issues

What is a Walk in Tub?

Walk in tubs have similar functions with conventional tubs but have additional features. These features enhance independence, personal safety, and comfort particularly for seniors, persons with disabilities, and injuries.

A walk in tub differs from a conventional bathtub because it has a door that opens either outwards or inwards. This door permits users to access the walk in bathtub conveniently. These unique bathtubs are extremely useful because users do not have to raise their legs to enter the enclosure.

These bathtubs also come with built-in seating. This feature is especially vital for users who need assistance to stand and bathe.

Walk in Tubs and Mobility Issues

A walk in tub has various features, making it ideal for those with mobility issues. Seniors who live alone can benefit from these systems because they provide enhanced bathroom safety. A walk in bathtub decreases the likelihood of falling and slipping on the bathroom floor.

This bathtub also enhances independence because users can safely exit and enter the tub. Persons with joint and muscle conditions such as arthritis can also benefit from these bathing systems. Although arthritis does not involve any form of mobility challenge or physical challenge, persons suffering from this condition experience constant muscle and joint pain.

A walk in bathtub can help alleviate the muscle aches since most models come with built-in water and air jets. Soaking in a tub with hydrotherapy features will help soothe aching joints and muscles. Other safety features include slip-resistant flooring and grab bars.

Types of Walk in Tubs for Various Mobility Issues

Currently, the market has different options for persons suffering from various mobility issues. These options include:

Slide-in bathtub:

The unique bathtub has a seat-height surface and door integrated into its design. It is suitable for those who walk without difficulty, persons who experience leg weakness, or those who depend on a wheelchair or walker for mobility.

Hydrotherapy tub:

This bathtub combines various technologies to produce a massaging sensation for users. It enables water therapy through water jets. It is suitable for persons with sports injuries, sore joints and muscles and arthritis. The unit acts to boost circulation and relax muscles through the effects of warm water.

Wheelchair accessible tub:

This bathtub provides a great solution for persons who need direct transfer from a wheelchair into the bathtub. These systems have outward swinging doors to facilitate the transfer as well as an anti-slip floor. Other features include grab bars and built-in benches. Numerous accessible bathtubs also have hydrotherapy features.

Combination walk in tub:

This system has water and air jets. Other features may include aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

Walk in tubs offer convenient and safe bathing solutions for non-ambulatory persons. For many, these systems empower them with the independence and dignity of taking care of their personal hygiene. Furthermore, they can develop a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. Nevertheless, it is important to consider various factors such as mobility issues before making a purchase.


Walk In Tubs That Allow You To Lay Down Like a Standard Tub

walk in tub

Walk in Tubs

Walk in tubs offer a great substitute to a standard bathtub. They are wise investments for homeowners who are seeking a practical means to enhance their bathroom safety. These days, the market offers a wide range of walk in bathtubs that can accommodate virtually any degree of mobility.

These systems can offer a convenient, relaxing, and safe bathing experience. They offer a great level of independence to those who have formerly been reliant on somebody else. Although most individuals assume that these unique tubs are only suitable for the disabled or handicapped, anybody can use these units.

Features of Walk in Tubs

Manufacturers design these bathtubs with an emphasis on dignity, personal safety, and ease of use. These units have built-in seating, which allows users to bathe themselves. Manufacturers incorporate the seats directly into the walk in bathtub, offering a comfortable space to sit.

Another feature includes safety rails, a fundamental security feature. When selecting a walk in bathtub, it is vital to focus on the features that you consider very important. Everybody has varying needs hence the bathing solution should meet individual requirements.

Homeowners can opt for customized bathtubs to meet their needs. Consequently, a growing number of homeowners are seeking options that include water and air massage jets. Although these options are slightly more expensive, they offer numerous benefits for users.

The water and air jets help in the healing of muscle and joint pain. They further enhance blood circulation, enabling the relaxation of the body.


Walk in Tubs that Have Similar Functions as a Standard Bathtub

Although a number of options exist in the market, people can access simple walk in tubs that operate like a standard bathtub. They include:


Soaking Bathtub

These units are usually deeper than the conventional bathtubs and enable users to immerse their entire bodies in the water. They come in different shapes, styles, and vary with the water amount they hold. These systems enable users to sit comfortably while enjoying tranquil waters.

Soaking bathtubs enable simple bathing and relaxation. Homeowners may opt for freestanding bathtubs that are available in various styles ranging from traditional to French.

Combination Walk in Bathtub

This unit enables a relaxed bathing experience through a shower and bath combination. The shower has a flexible showerhead that users can easily move to the preferred height. This option is particularly beneficial for small bathrooms.

The space-saving unit offers the benefits of a bathtub and shower. Homeowners can either install customized designs or purchase prefabricated models.


Hydrotherapy Tub

This unit has similar functions as a standard bathtub. However, it provides users with the benefit of water therapy through water jets. These bathtubs offer numerous benefits including tension and pain relief.

While walk in tubs offer various benefits to users, it is important to consider safety when shopping for a unit. Therefore, buyers should watch for the essential features that will provide a safe bathing solution. In addition, the bathtubs should meet the requisite industry standards while protecting users against falls.


How Do Walk In Tubs with Doors Hold Water Without Leaking? Find Out!

walk in tub leak

Bathroom safety is one of the best investments anyone can make. It boosts a home's overall value while protecting your wellbeing.

It is difficult for numerous people to access a traditional bathtub and even harder for the senior population and persons with disabilities. Nevertheless, the introduction of walk in baths gives everyone a chance to enjoy a comfortable bathing experience.

The safety and convenience of a walk in tub help users to maintain their confidence leading to frequent bathing, which encourages improved health. In most cases, people retrofit these enclosures into existing bathroom spaces. This upgrade enhances a bathroom's safety while involving minor renovations.

Benefits of a Walk in Tub

Bathrooms are prone to cases of falls especially for those with mobility challenges or physical disabilities due to injury, age, or a physical condition. Walk in bathtubs have innovative features such as anti-slip floors and slip resistant seats, making it safe for seniors and those with restricted mobility.

These bathing systems come in various models and with various features, which if overlooked, could cause problems. Numerous bathtubs go beyond the daily, practical bathing needs. They can provide a soothing and luxurious experience for users.

How Do Walk in Tubs Function?

The safety tubs comprise a door built into the side or front, enabling entrance without users having to lift their legs, as with conventional bathtubs. Users can easily close the tub's door and sit on the uniquely built-in seat. Users can then fill the bathtub with water before taking a bath.

Features That Prevent Leakage

The unique enclosures come with various features, allowing them to hold water and prevent leakage. A considerable number of manufacturers have integrated features such as a double seal. This feature ensures the water does not leave the tub while bathing.

The water's weight inside the enclosure will further keep the door closed and prevent any leaks. Users should understand the suggested water level, so they do not fill the water past the limits. Users should exercise other precautions such as shutting the door tightly before turning the water on to help prevent leakage.

Most walk-in-tubs have latches, which users can quickly access during an emergency. To ensure the bathtub does not leak, it should have a double gasket and properly fixed hinges running through the whole door.

Most manufacturers cover the door system with a warranty. Prospective buyers should check their warranty information before making a purchase. Nevertheless, a walk in tub that is of high quality should not pose leakage issues even after prolonged use.

Some tubs also have an external drain below the door. The drain catches the water droplets that fall from the seal and open door; this prevents water from flooding the bathroom floor. It is essential bathroom floors remain dry. Unlike conventional tubs that lack unique drain facilities, walk in tubs come with additional unique features.

Although walk in tubs are extremely beneficial, homeowners should prioritize features that enhance safety when bathing.