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Aromatherapy Benefits from your Walk In Tub: Positive Vibes from Pleasant Smells

aromatherapy walk in tubs

A walk in tub has a similar function with a conventional tub though it aims to offer a safer, more comfortable and convenient bathing experience. People with mobility challenges, the elderly, and those with painful ailments particularly use walk in baths.

These unique tubs meet the needs of people who seek an independent and secure bathing experience. Safety is a major design in these tubs. Some of the safety features comprise a handle bar, which facilitates movement and a non-skid floor to prevent falling and slipping.

Owing to its design and additional features, people can use a walk in tub for other functions besides bathing. For instance, they usually provide a Jacuzzi/whirlpool option, which discharges air bubbles, enabling comfort and relaxation.

These days, people incorporate techniques such as aromatherapy to enhance their bathing experience while using walk in baths.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy describes the practice of using oils extracted from plants to enhance physical and psychological well-being. The practice aims to reinforce and stimulate the body's natural defenses by inducing general well-being and relaxation.

A type of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is gaining increasing popularity. Various oils have varying properties and can generate a number of reactions depending on the person. For instance, lavender oil has relaxing properties and is suitable for those suffering from anxiety or stress.

Whether applied on the skin or inhaled, essential oils are drawing attention as a substitute treatment for stress, infections, and other medical problems.

How Aromatherapy Works

Although researchers are uncertain of how this practice works, some believe the sense of smell plays a role. Smell receptors in the nose communicate with parts of the brain that function as warehouses for memories and emotions.

Therefore, when people breathe in essential oils, the molecules stimulate these areas of the brain and influence physical, mental, and emotional health, experts say. While some oils enhance circulation and aid with effective toxin elimination, others promote the growth of new cells.

Benefits of Aromatherapy in Walk in Baths

A walk in bathtub that features an aromatherapy system typically infuses air jets with your preferred scent. Users simply load the system with their preferred scented beads and turn the jets on, allowing the tub to massage their tired muscles.

Aromatherapy in a walk in tub can offer a reviving and soothing bathing experience. The inclusion of essential oils can enhance a regular bath, transforming it into a sensual and therapeutic experience depending on the bath oils used.

Aromatherapy offers an efficient means for the safe and uniform penetration of essential oils. This practice further functions as a moisturizer, producing soft skin, open pores, and aids detoxification. Hot water's relaxing properties also compliment the effects of well-selected essential oils.

A warm bath offers sedative effects and enhances blood flow. Aromatic baths also offer relief from anxiety and stress while aiding with muscle pains. Aromatherapy further promotes pain relief; oils such as peppermint have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

While aromatherapy offers numerous health benefits, buyers should exercise caution before purchasing essential oils.


Light and Color: Can You Benefit from Chromotherapy in your Walk In Tub?


Nothing is as soothing and relaxing as soaking in a bathtub following a long, hectic day. However, most seniors and those with mobility issues are incapable of enjoying this form of luxury.

Fortunately, walk-in-tubs provide an easy solution. These unique enclosures come equipped with doors that close and open on the side or front of the bathtub.

Walk in Tub

A walk in bathtub aims to provide utmost independence and safety within a comfortable bathing experience. The simplicity and easy accessibility of this enclosure enable individuals to enjoy luxurious bathing while preventing slipping.

Walk in tubs come with unique therapeutic features that make users feel renewed and refreshed. Some models enable chromotherapy, an exciting feature that provides remarkable health benefits.


Chromotherapy or color therapy is a form of holistic healing that utilizes color to provoke an emotional response in an attempt to obtain optimal health.

According to experts, certain colors have considerable physiological and psychological effects. For instance, blue provides soothing effects while red stimulates physical energy and increases circulation. Therefore, when every color enters the body, the subsequent vibrations and distinct frequencies activate hormones, enabling the body to heal.

Certain colors have an association with the body's power centers called chakras. These energy fields are associated with certain organs. Every chakra has its frequency and wavelength, and a particular color governs every chakra.

Chakra therapies are especially beneficial in the treatment of disorders that originate from malfunctioning organs. Research indicates that the color can play a role in people's thoughts, mood, and capacity to relax. Color therapy, therefore, benefits your mental well being through stress and anxiety reduction.

This form of therapy aims to develop changes in people's physical and mental state through multi-color systems. These changes influence a person's emotional condition, balancing his or her body's energies and restoring general health.

When the body lacks energy balance, regardless of whether it is emotionally, mentally or physically, chromotherapy offers treatment.

Chromotherapy in a Walk in Bathtub

A walk in tub that has chromotherapy features uses different colors of light and lighting features that provide soothing benefits. Tubs with this feature have multicolored lights that illuminate the water thereby enhancing the bathing experience and offering therapeutic benefits.

Chromotherapy tubs permit a deeper relaxation throughout your bathing experience. Such tubs further aid in alleviating aches and stresses. With a constant water flow cascading over the basin's sides, these tubs provide whole-body immersion as color therapy surrounds the user with soothing colored lights.

These bathing systems typically have effervescence ports that emit countless tiny bubbles, forming a luxurious experience. Although color therapy has existed for thousands of years, it is currently becoming mainstream.

With its roots in ancient cultures, chromotherapy has gained increasing popularity with numerous homeowners, naturopathic clinics, and leading spas.

Medical professionals are currently using the technique along with other approaches as a noninvasive method of treating ailments for instance mood disorders and migraine headaches. Studies reveal that employing this therapy could further help keep you physically and emotionally healthy for life.


Investing in a No Lip Shower: A great addition to your home that is accessible to everyone.

No lip showers are growing in popularity across the globe. They are especially popular in many European countries, and now, they are trending in the United States as well. With an open layout, customizable options, and a lower risk for trips and falls, curbless showers have a number of advantages worth considering.


The open design of a lip free shower provides much wiggle room when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. These showers can be placed in almost any space, providing a nice, finished look unequal to that of a standard tub or shower. Additionally, there is no pesky door to deal with, and some options allow for a wall, rather than a shower curtain, reducing risks and adding some additional flair to your design.


Open showers give you many options for customization. From size to colors, to fixtures to the choice of a wall or curtain, the possibilities are nearly endless. You could even install multiple jets, heat, and recessed lighting. All you need is some creativity, and of course, the bucks to do it. No matter what size space you have to work with, there is a lot you can do with a curbless shower.


Because no lip showers do not have a door or track to clean, you won't have to haul out the window cleaner, paper towels, and mildew spray just to get rid of water stains, soap scum, lime deposits, mold, and other common bathroom annoyances. Speaking of mold and mildew, the floor is also safe from these pesky elements, as most open showers have tiled flooring, making clean-up as simple as 1,2,3.


For seniors and the disabled, standard tubs and showers present several risks. Slips and falls are amongst the most primary of issues. Most open showers provide plenty of space for maneuvering, not only around the shower, but in and out as well. Because there is no lip to worry about, there is less risk of a trip and fall from simply trying to lift yourself up over the curb to get into the tub or shower. Now, tile flooring might sound like a risk, but by installing textured non-skid flooring, rugs, and bathmats, this danger can be easily reduced. Additionally, safety grab bars and shower chairs are options as well.


No lip showers are accessibly to everyone in your family. No matter the size of the person or any difficulties they have, these showers can accommodate almost anyone. With fewer risks, they are good options as showers for seniors and as handicapped showers.


Yes, a shower can be an investment. After all, if you've chosen to remodel your bathroom, you are looking for a long-term solution that everyone in the household can enjoy. You can invest in your home, your family, and yourself with a luxury no lip shower option. With all the great features, customizable options, and lower risks involved, this shower option will pay for itself time and again through many wonderful years of use.


No Lip Showers Are Growing in Popularity in Europe

No lip showers are very popular in Europe, appearing in many homes, hotels, and other establishments. And, why are they becoming so popular? Well, for one, they are a refreshingly different look, a far cry from the standard tub and shower combination. Secondly, showers are often much more convenient than a bath, given the time constraints many people face in their daily lives.

In Europe, doorless showers are common for a variety of reasons. Many people prefer them because there is no need to clean or struggle with heavy doors. Mildew is no longer a real problem because not only is there no door or track for mold and mildew to hide, the floors in such bathrooms are completely tiled to handle the water spray, making cleanup a breeze and environmental irritants less of a concern.

However, there are even more advantages to curbless showers, as many Europeans have already discovered.

Even when not taking a bath in a standard bathtub setting, taking a shower can present some danger to seniors and the disabled. You have to step up over the edge of the tub, position yourself beneath the spray, fight a shower curtain and often slippery surface, and then step back over the edge to get out of the tub. Standard shower stalls can present hazards as well, as the lip that requires one to step up and down and sometimes even step over in order to get in the stall and clean up. And the risk seems to go up given the fact that you repeat the same steps to get out of the shower. No lip showers are the perfect solution.

Curbless, open showers offer not only a nice, decorative touch; they are roomy and great for large to mid-sized spaces. You can even fit one into a small space with a little maneuvering. Additionally, customization is a definite possibility, as you can install the showerhead of your choosing, recessed lighting, and even non-slip flooring. Because of their lower risk factors and customization options, open showers are quickly becoming a top option in showers for seniors.

Another enticing feature is the fact that no lip showers are walk in showers with no door to battle. Because of the space and design involved, these showers for seniors leave room to maneuver without getting tangled in a shower curtain. Additionally, some curbless options have a wall with an entrance rather than a door or curtain, making them even more comfortable. There is one thing to consider before installing an open shower, however. The open space provides more opportunity for a draft to enter, so installing a heat source might be a good idea.

While it might take just a little more work to install a no lip shower than another standard bathtub alternative, the rising popularity of these showers may very well speak for itself. Of course, you will want to consider your budget and your needs before making the decision to install one of these trending bathroom features.


How Much Does The Average Walk In Tub Cost?

The “average cost” of a walk in tub is rather difficult to pinpoint. Many factors contribute to the overall price, including the type and size, optional features added, as well as the specific manufacturer. Your best bet is to determine what you want and need, and then you can shop around and look at prices before making a final decision. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 for a basic tub up to $15,000 for a feature-full model.   A basic walk in bathtub is simply that – a walk in tub with a watertight door. If this is all you want and need, then it is certainly the more budget-friendly option; however, with so many enticing optional features available, chances are you will want to spend a bit more money for the perfect bathing experience. Now, available optional features vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the price typically varies as well.   If your standard tub was completely removed to make way for a new walk in tub for seniors, you may want to consider purchasing a finishing skirt. This is a molded wall and flooring combination piece that covers the exposed area from the former bathtub. Depending on the specific manufacturer, you can expect to pay an addition $400-$500 for this option. If you choose from freestanding handicapped tubs, you will also want to consider buying skirting to hide any exposed plumbing. In this case, you can expect to spend up to $1,750 for this additional feature.   If you want a special high quality faucet system, a deck extension, or an assist bar package (if not included with your walk in bathtub) you will find yourself paying another $200-$300. A seat warmer will run you about $650, and a whirlpool system can cost as much as $1,175. Water jet and air jet systems both run about $900 each, and a three-piece wall protection kit costs approximately $1,600. The drain overflow kit is, perhaps, the cheapest of optional features at a mere $120. A bath dome (which is essentially a decorative rooftop for your walk in tub for seniors) is priced at $350, and if you want to add a dash of color, you can get this for about $275.   Of course, these prices are average estimates, and they will vary depending on where you purchase your handicapped tubs. If you intend to make an online purchase, be sure to consider shipping costs, which is an average of $350 for standard service.   It's definitely safe to say that installing a walk in bathtub is not a cheap endeavor. The more features you need or want, the higher the price will be. Be prepared to shell out a bit of money to purchase a tub that best suits your needs. But, keep in mind that this endeavor does not have to be overly expensive; there is a walk in available to meet everyone's needs. Additionally, you can start with the basics and add optional features later on, as your budget allows.


The Benefits of Massaging Water Jets in Your Tub

Nothing feels better than a nice, warm, relaxing massage, right? What if you could get the same benefits a massage offers alongside the benefits of long soak in a warm bathtub? Well, hydrotherapy is the answer, and you can easily achieve this by installing massaging water jets in your own tub. Water jets are a key optional feature in walk in bathtubs. One of the most common misconceptions is that these are designed only as walk in tubs for seniors and handicapped tubs. However, that's really not the case. Anyone can enjoy the benefits, no matter what their age or abilities. And, after a long stretch of the daily grind, a soothing, relaxing massage certainly does sound superb. So, what exactly are the benefits of massaging water jets?   Grab Some Much Needed Rest and Relaxation Like thousands of tiny little fingers massaging all areas of your body simultaneously, water jets offer the same benefits you would get from a regular massage. Your body will enjoy much needed relaxation, and the addition of a deep soak in warm water will simply add to your soothing enjoyment. You will sleep better too.   Much Welcomed Stress Relief A standard human-administered massage is a great stress reliever. Yet, those thousands of tiny fingers inside a massage water jet mixed with a long soak in your walk in tub spells stress relief that you can count on every single day – without having to pay a masseuse.   Soothe Away Your Aches and Pains Working on the same principles of soothing warm water and relaxing massage, those invigorating water jets can help to ease your aches and pains. From soreness due to exercise or a hard day's work to more chronic levels of pain, massaging water jets in walk in bathtubs target multiple areas, helping to work the soreness and stiffness right out of your body.   Increase Your Blood Circulation Heat from your bath will raise your blood pressure slightly. Combined with the benefits of therapeutic massaging water jets, your blood will start pumping more, improving your circulation, relieving stress and pain, and reinvigorating your mind and body.   Calm Your Frazzled Nerves While nervousness and anxiety are definitely forms of stress, and they can even be brought on by stress, these problems are in a league of their own. If you find yourself feeling anxious, slipping into the rejuvenating water of your walk in tub can have a calming effect. Stress and anxiety are often the result of chronic pain as well, so relief from massaging water jets can be very beneficial.   And, there you have it. Massaging water jets provide so many excellent benefits that will help soothe and heal your body. For additional benefits, try adding two cups of Epsom salts to your bath water for even more relief of your aches, pains, stress, and anxiety. Coupled with the heated water and super massaging effects, you might just find that your walk in bathtub has, indeed, become your very own little slice of heaven.


Will a Walk In Tub Fit in Your Small Bathroom?

Walk in bathtubs do not come in just a single size. Since bathrooms are not one-size-fits-all, a plethora of options exist so you can find exactly what you need. Ranging from large sizes suited to a standard bathtub space to small models made for small rooms, there is a walk in tub manufactured to accommodate your space. The smallest of tubs offer nearly all the same benefits as the largest ones do, and they include the same optional features as well. While a walk in can be easily fitted to the tiniest of full bathroom, there are a few things you will want to consider when deciding to make a purchase.   Small walk in tubs have smaller doors, less soaking space, and less water capacity than what the large and mid-range models have. They are best suited for smaller users as well. The smallest size on the market is approximately 26” long by 31” wide. This model fits well into an existing shower stall, but there are also several in-between sizes so you can find the perfect fit. These small walk in bathtubs for seniors still provide a deep, soothing immersion experience, and with all the optional amenities available, you can create your very own spa in the tightest of spaces.   Depending on the particular manufacturer, you will find lots of additional add-ons available. From water jets to whirlpool action to heaters, wall protectors, roofs, colors, and more, you can really go all out on your new bathtub, depending on what you are willing to spend. You can even have your new bathtub customized for right or left-handed use of the door and drain position.   There are not many downfalls to purchasing a walk in bathtub, even for a small bathroom. You simply need to make sure the tub will accommodate your space and ensure that it is suitable for you and your whole family. And, there is no need to worry about major remodeling, gaps, or exposed plumbing. You can purchase skirting to hide any exposed pipes and flooring, and there are even extension kits available to fill in those gaps.   If you still aren't sure that handicapped tubs are right for your space, consider the benefits of a no lip shower. These showers have no dangerous step or curb to climb over, reducing the risk of trips and falls. They fit nicely into small spaces, and clean up is no longer a hassle. The open layout eliminates the hassles of cleaning a heavy glass door and track, reducing problems with water stains, rust, mold, mildew, and soap scum. Additionally, you can choose an option that includes a shower curtain – or you can nix that altogether by choosing to install a tiled wall. With tiled floors and slip resistant mats, risks go down, and cleaning is quick and easy.   No matter how large or small your space, there is a handicapped tub in just the right size, and complete with all the benefits and amenities you could want.


Do Walk In Tubs Have Standard Dimensions?

It's a common question customers ask when deciding to install a walk in tub. After all, any bathroom remodeling job requires some consideration for available space. The good news is walk in bathtubs are not one-size-fits-all, In fact, they come in a variety of sizes so you can choose one that best suits your needs. A standard tub's typical dimensions are approximately sixty inches long by thirty inches wide, give or take a couple of inches either direction.   Even with the variety of sizes available, does this mean you will have to make major modifications to convert your current bathtub into a walk-in? Actually, the answer to that question, in most cases, is a simple no. The majority of handicapped tubs fit nicely into any current bathtub space. Of course, there are other size options available as well. You can find walk in tubs with larger-than-standard dimensions, and even smaller tubs designed to fit into a shower stall. And, if you are looking for a more flexible option, you can also find walk in tubs that do not require permanent sealing, making them easier to move as necessary.   The largest option fits nicely into a standard bathtub space. It offers the largest door, the most water capacity, and an excellent immersion experience. It is well suited for a large person, and even allows for a safe and secure standing and showering experience. The mid-range size will also fit a standard opening, and while the door is smaller and it has slightly less water capacity, this tub still allows for a comfortable bathing experience for the average user. The smaller sized walk in tubs for seniors are designed to fit into the smallest of bathrooms while offering a superb bathing experience. These miniature tubs offer similar benefits and features as the larger sizes without compromising safety, comfort, and space. Of course, there are lots of in-between sizes as well, giving you a bevy of options to choose from.   Now, if you are concerned that the size you choose will result in gaps, there is no need to worry. You can purchase an extender kit that will fill in the unsightly gaps, creating a smooth and attractive finish.   No matter what size walk in tub your space calls for, you will find that almost all walk in bathtubs offer an excellent immersion and bathing experience and safety confidence. Each tub comes standard with great features you won't find in a normal bathtub. These features include deeper soaking area, chair-level seat, a watertight seal, a safety bar, and a textured non-slip bottom. Additionally, there are many optional features you can add to all handicapped tubs to make the most of your daily bathing experience. These great optional features include whirlpool action, massage, heat, fast drain, left or right hand customization of the door and drain, as well as a plethora of other options.   Whether you are working with a standard space or something much smaller, there is a walk in tub designed to fit you needs.


Do I Need to Completely Remodel My Bathroom to Fit in a Walk In Tub?

Completely remodeling your bathroom is unnecessary if your only aim is to convert your current tub into a walk in bathtub. Walk in tubs are designed to fit into your current space without much hassle. Most fit right into your available standard shower or tub unit without tearing out the existing fixtures. Some models are made to be sealed into place and others offer more flexibility, allowing for removal as needed.   Considerations Walk in tubs for seniors come in a variety of sizes suited to every size bathroom. The largest models will fit a standard tub while the smaller models are made to be inserted into tighter spaces. Of course, there are plenty of mid-range sizes as well. You will not need to undertake a complete remodel, but you may want to consider a few options prior to making your walk in tub purchase.   Exposed Flooring or Pipes In some cases, you might have exposed flooring or pipes, depending on the type and size of handicapped tub you purchase. Should you have unsightly exposures, you can cover them with specialized skirting for a more finished and attractive look.   Protecting Your Walls To avoid the need to repair and replace your bathroom walls, you may want to consider purchasing a special three-section wall protector. This helps to prevent water damage, as well as mold and mildew growth.   Potential Gaps Depending on your chosen walk in bathtub size, it is possible that gaps will occur when the insert is fitted to your existing tub or shower. While this can be an eyesore, it does not have to be permanent. Handicapped tubs are available with optional extension kits, allowing you to fill in those gaps, creating a smooth finish and a much better view from inside the tub.   Flooring Consider tiled flooring or non-skid tiles to further prevent accidents. You should also check to see if the floor beneath your existing tub calls for reinforcement. This will help to ensure you floor is not rotting or caving in, and that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience for many more years.   While a complete remodel isn't needed, you definitely want to consider the options you have for creating a finished look once the new bathtub is installed. You also want to be aware of the space you have to work with, taking time to carefully consider not only the size of the walk in tub itself, but also the area around it. Even though there are custom options for left and right-handed people, you will want to think about the space around the tub in regards to how the door opens and how much area you need for maneuvering into the walk in bathtub.   Even though you don't need to remodel the whole bathroom to fit in a walk in, you will want to inspect your bathroom beforehand, ensuring you know what you will need and what tasks will need to be performed prior to installing a new bathtub.


Chicago Walk in Tubs

Gone are the days of traditional, ugly safety features for the bathroom. I recently purchased the new walk-in tub for my home. Since my husband is dealing with injuries that makes it harder for him to get around, this has been the most wonderful thing for our home. Fortunately, he does not need the walk-in tub for the rest of his life but the features are so amazing, we are both seeing the benefits of having the tub at home. The hydrotherapy system is really something. It offers a powerful stream of jets and really will ease all of a person's aches and pains. The recirculation heater is truly innovative. It always seems to be at the perfect temperature. This is very different from a regular tub. I know the tub is really great for my husband and his pain issues, but we both are enjoying it!