Cautionary Tale for Those Looking to Invest in Walk-in Bath Tubs

Cautionary Tale for Those Looking to Invest in Walk-in Bath Tubs

Have you heard of the father-daughter scheming tandem who were arrested for scamming elderly people? Here is a testament that bad guys do come in all forms, kinds, and modus operandi. Once upon a time, a fraud case involved a father-daughter duo who ran a seemingly legitimate marketing business that was actually designed to rip off elderly folks.

In this scheme, no actual property was stolen in the typical sense, but they took advantage of the elderly by selling walk-in bath tubs for which they had charged their customers with a 100 percent markup value. Their company also installed the tubs without the required city permits and licenses. Besides these, the products supplied by the company were inferior China-made tubs, the electrical and plumbing of which wouldn’t have passed US codes. True enough, their customers soon started experiencing issues, which the company was, of course, loath to fix.

Fortunately, the high-living father and daughter were caught and charged with a laundry list of offenses including perjury, conspiracy, money laundering, theft from an elderly or dependent adult, and burglary with enhancements related to elderly victims. They were also accused of theft by false pretense (a felony).

The tandem had an elaborate scheme with hired marketers feeding prospective customers with a fake story in order to entice them into purchase. Some of the unfair business practices and misrepresentations committed by the company include telling victims that the walk-in bath tubs were made in America and that they were safety-tested—they were not. The entire operation was shady, involving hundreds of low-wage telemarketers who pushed the walk-in tubs using altered lines so that the people they call wouldn’t be able to detect the correct telephone number.

The company also filed false information with government agencies as well as fraudulently inflated the financial information of their customers on credit applications so that they would be qualified for financing.

In effect, victims of the company spent about $15,000 each on illegally sold and improperly installed walk-in tubs and then they had to spend some more money to get somebody to come in and take them out.

Let this story be a cautionary one for those who are thinking of enhancing their bathroom to make it easier to use for elderly or handicapped loved ones. Make sure that you do your due diligence so you end up with a legally sold and properly installed high quality tub that you won’t regret acquiring.

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