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Curb-less Shower or Walk in Bathtub?

There comes a time when there's the decision to install a walk in bathtub or a curb-less shower in your home. What is the better choice for someone who has trouble moving around their home? This blog post goes into detail about the pros and cons of each. Some advantages of walk in bathtubs are they're easier to bath in then a regular tub, models have jets and massage features to soothe muscles and joints and they cost less than a full shower remodeling. Some disadvantages to having a walk in bathtub are some have a slow draining system so the user has to wait until all the water is gone and people in wheelchairs cannot use them. Some advantages of a curb-less shower are wheelchair users can use it, design options are limitless and it increases value of the home. Some disadvantages of a curb-less shower are they have a higher cost than other installations, it takes several weeks to be finished and it takes up more space than a walk in tub. Read the rest of the article online to learn about other advantages and disadvantages to having either a curb-less shower or walk in tub. Which will you choose?  

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  • Jamie DeVriend says:

    That was a great article you linked. I suggested within that a person also consider a taller walk-in tub because it can cover more of the body and help those with shoulder and neck discomforts.

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