The Delightful Function Delivered By a Walk In Tub

The Delightful Function Delivered By a Walk In Tub

Porcelain bathtubs are common bathroom elements. Most homes have one, but a walk in tub is not really as common. Oftentimes, households that have one had to upgrade to it to effectively cater to the mobility needs of elderly members of the family who simply find it difficult and unsafe to step over the side of a tub to get in.

If you’re having a house made and you want a really nice bathroom (or if you’re just renovating your bathroom), opting for a walk in tub will always prove to be a smart decision, because not only is it so much safer to use than a regular bathtub, but it’s also more functionally versatile. How, exactly?

Most walk in tubs come with spa jets. This means the relaxation experienced while soaking is way better. Those spa jets provide delightful massage action, so if you have tension knots all over the body, bathing in such a tub will surely help alleviate or undo those painful tension knots.

In addition to massage action, those spa jets can also help exfoliate the body. The blasts of water from these jets can help get rid of dirt and dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and unhealthy. If you pair that exfoliating action with essential oils and bath bombs, a single soak in a walk in tub will prove to be even more beneficial to the skin.

Likewise, it’s worth mentioning that a walk in tub is much deeper than most bathtubs, so a full soak is much easier and safer. Some designs even have seats so if you like to do all sorts of things while soaking, such as shaving your legs and scrubbing, you no longer need to create a comfy, slide-resistant seat to do all these activities safely.

When it comes to maintaining the right water temperature for bathing, walk in tubs definitely outperform regular tubs because they come with features that maintain the right water temperature no matter how long you’ve been soaking. A typical porcelain tub doesn’t do that; you need to add more hot water over time because the water cools down after a while.

And lastly, this tub tends to be easier to clean as well because of the spa jets that blast water into the tub. They create water movement to dislodge dirt better (like a washing machine) so you don’t have to spend so much time scrubbing and hosing everything down.

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