Factors That Affect the Cost of Walk in Bathtubs Installation

Factors That Affect the Cost of Walk in Bathtubs Installation

Most bathroom injuries take place inside the bathtub or shower stall. Due to the slippery floor and the running water, these areas can really be a dangerous place for children, the elderly, and persons with physical disabilities. To make sure your bathroom is safe for every member of your family when they are taking a bath, you can consider investing in a walk in bathtub.

The primary benefit that walk in bathtubs offer is safety. These tubs are normally smaller than traditional ones and they come with a seating area. This particular type of bathtub comes with a door that you can open and close for easy entry and exit. The shower head and nozzles are also installed within arm’s reach from the seating area. Aside from ease of access, a walk in bathtub also comes with additional safety features such as handle bars placed inside the tub and anti-slip mats to prevent slipping and falling.

Once you have decided to have this type of tub installed in your bathroom, you should be prepared for all the expenses that come with it. Aside from the actual cost of the walk in bathtub itself, there will be some other factors that affect its installation. These factors include:

The condition and accessibility of your bathroom.You have to find out if the walk in bathtub can fit through your existing door. If it won’t, you may have to open up part of a wall in your bathroomin order to fit the new one in. Also, if the new bathtub is considerably heavier than your current one, you may also need to have the floor joists checked to be certain that they can support the additional weight.In both cases, you will have to shell out some additional money to pay experts to do these jobs.

The location and condition of your home’s plumbing system.You will incur more expenses if you are doing a total remodel of the bathroom and must relocate the position of the plumbing, as compared to simply swapping out one bathtub for another. Your current plumbing may work for an upgraded bathtub, but to be sure, talk to an expert about this first.

The existing flooring, tiles and surround. Lastly,if you are replacing your existing tub, you may need to replace the materials that surround it, such as the flooring and tiles,because your new tub is a different shape and size, or because you want everything to work or blend together. In addition, you haveto ensure that you have a watertight seal to avoid any leaks.

To lower your walk in bathtub installation cost, a good piece of advice to keep in mind is to hire contractors who are capable of doing all of the work involved in replacing your current tub. By doing so, you will also save some time with the whole installation process.

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