Walk in Bath Tubs Debate - Fiberglass or Acrylic? - Which is the best for me?

Acrylic vs Fiberglass

Select a Material for Walk in Bath Tubs

When it comes to the best walk in bathtubs available, buyers must decide on the material because all walk-in bathtubs are made from either acrylic or fiberglass molds. Based on the statistics, it is easy to think that fiberglass would be your best choice for material considering about ninety percent of all walk-in tubs are made of this. However, acrylic shells are becoming more in demand due to the preference of some remodelers who like the shine and luster of acrylic over gel coat.

The Great Debate

If you were to research the topic to try and determine which product reigns superior, what you will notice is that many manufacturers offer tubs made from both materials. This makes it difficult to determine, which material is favored. In addition, to assume that a manufacturer favors a material due to the fact that they only offer that one material, can be incorrect. Due to the immense difference in pricing, companies may select one material because their sales cater to one demographic. There are beautiful tubs made in both Fiberglass and Acrylic. The important decision is to pick the right manufacturers that produces a high quality product. The quality application and coating of the gel coat and acrylic is the most important thing. Most people could never tell the difference between gel coat fiberglass or acrylic.


In the past, acrylic tubs may have been favored because the older tubs made of fiberglass molds weren't finished with a triple gel coat of epoxy and over time, became discolored. This is where acrylic outshined its competitor because in being constructed of one solid piece with a non-porous nature, acrylic wore better over time while proving to be easier to clean and maintain. Acrylic tubs are not 100% acrylic because fiberglass is used to strengthen the mold.


With its great strength and stiffness, fiberglass is favored for shower and tubs designed with moving parts such as a shower door. As mentioned earlier, it works better for some household budgets than acrylic. It is no wonder that in a weakened economy, the more affordable option will shine through. This is especially true for when the products prove to be nearly identical. It also helps that manufacturers have solved the discoloration issue, which may have been the one and only major downfall to walk in bathtubs made of fiberglass.