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Showroom / Local Distributor

Purchasing walk in tubs after seeing it within a showroom is a very popular way to make a walk in tub purchase. Showrooms generally only have one model on display that will fit within the space of a traditional bathtub. That does not mean they do not have additional options so be sure to ask about all available options. Don't just buy a tub because it is the one on display, make sure that the tub selected, is the one that works best for you.

Walk in Tubs cost more when purchased during a visit to a local showroom because showrooms have a higher over head, which results in higher prices. Generally speaking, prices will usually cost 25%-30% than if utilizing another purchasing method. In addition, not all companies with showrooms are willing to handle the install of walk in tubs so there may be additional fees incurred for the install.

Walk in Tub Prices


Online Retailers

Any walk in tub purchase can be challenging but online purchasing can be even more complicated because the prices vary depending on quality.Online companies have savvy sales people so it is important to research the company and not just the sales reputation of the sales force.  Prices are often misleading, so be careful of this when making a purchase. If purchasing solely on a minimal price, try and stay away from tubs with electrical components. This is where most of companies use imported components and the companies that sell at the lowest prices are typically, the ones that sacrifice quality or features to do it.

It is very important that a company be willing to install your tub and not just sell you a tub. This ensures you that they have installation crews who are willing to install their quality product. This also means the company employs a service crew so if you are ever in need of a repair, you may contact the same company. Be sure to research the BBB as well as ask for certifications and length of time in business. It is also good to ask for referrals to make sure other customers have been satisfied by the services provided.

Walk in Tub Prices


In-Home Sales Consultation:

Purchasing a walk in bathtub in your home is the most comfortable way to typically buy anything. The sales representative will come out to measure your bathroom and determine which tub would fit best. They also have the ability to meet with you and determine which tub would be the most suitable based on your mobility concerns. It is a more in depth and informative process but can be costly as well. The sales people can be pushy and be prepared to meet for over an hour or two. There are also companies who provide an installer to take a look at your bathroom who are much more knowledgeable about the installation and less aggressive in their sales tactics. This method is much more beneficial to your wallet as well as your peace of mind. In-Home consultation usually provide you with a price that includes installation.

Walk in Tub Prices

  • Purchase Price & Installation Combined for walk in tubs-   $5000 - $20,000!

Many people prefer to have the company who sell the tub also install it so there are no warranty issues down the road. Pricing ranges between $5000-$20,000! It is a big range and we suggest that you never spend more then $10,000 on any walk in bathtub installation unless they are renovating your entire bathroom.

Big Box Retailers

Large retailers now offer walk in bathtubs as well. Some sell them out of a catalog and some have them on display. The sales staff is typical not as knowledgeable because this is not their core business. They usually just sell 1 or 2 models so you want to make sure the tub that are providing will work for you. They tend to sell a one size fits all. You also have to worry about customer service because the guy in the aisle is not going to be able to help you once you purchase.

Walk in Tub Prices

  • Purchase Prices for walk in tubs-  $2500 - $6000
  • Installation can add an additional-  $1500 - $3000

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