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Hydrotherapy Tubs

What is Hydrotherapy?

Therapy that utilizes walk in baths because this therapy utilizes the physical properties of water to provide pain relief and treatment through use of  hydrotherapy tubs. Some companies allow you to adjust the temperature and pressure to meet your comfort level. Walk in baths that offer therapeutic massage features come equipped with spa massage jets. These added details for walk in tubs are often referred to as spa massage features and whirlpool or hydrotherapy jet options. These various jetting options are not the same so when thinking about purchasing a tub for hydrotherapy, it is important to know and understand the differences between each.

Walk in Baths with Air vs. Water Jets

During your search for the ideal walk in bath with therapeutic massage, make sure to find out whether they offer air or water jets. In obtaining an answer to this question, you will be able to determine whether the tubs being sold are Whirlpool (utilizing air jets) or hydrotherapy (water) jets. The next step in this process, is knowing what features you want in your tub.

If you are you looking to purchase a walk in bath to provide hydrotherapy , know that it will cost an additional fee of $500 to $1500 due to having therapeutic jets. Hydrotherapy is generally sought out by those with medical conditions that are causing them pain such as arthritis, poor blood circulation, fibromyalgia or recovery from a broken bone. Hydrotherapy provides pain relief from these conditions as water within the tub is re-circulated to push out water and massage the person in the tub, which can ultimately increase blood flow and provide pain relief. The increased cost for these jets is evident in their powerful abilities.

With that being said, therapeutic jets can be overly powerful for some people. In many situations, the elderly or those with sensitive skin, prove to be too fragile for these aggressive features. As a result, the air jets available in whirlpool tubs are recommended as the better option for they are more geared towards spa therapy. Air jets do not re-circulate the water so less pressure is applied to the person bathing. With the softer pressure produced by whirlpool jets, the person bathing is able to use the tub for a longer amount of time, which prove to be more beneficial for certain ailments.

**Important Purchasing Information & Advice**

Prior to finalizing a purchase for a bathtub containing jets, it is important to request the name of the motor/pump used for the purging system, which is necessary for cleaning out the jet streams. Upon receiving the name, make certain it is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved for safety. The purging system is extremely important because it powers automatic cleaning as it pushes excess water out of the streams and get rid of any buildup, prevent calcification and prevent any bacteria from thriving. As you can imagine, this is definitely needed in any tub containing jets so do not forget about confirming its UL status because if not approved, stay away from it. Also walk away from motors and pumps manufactured outside of the UK, US, and Canada while also keeping a distance from companies that don't have information readily available. The reason for verifying all of this information is because tub manufacturers do not make their own pumps for jets. For that reason, they must obtain pumps from outside sources so you want to be sure they are coming from trusted sources and are safe.