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Improving Bathroom Safety

Safety in the home is an issue that effects everyone, however, those who are aging or have medical conditions which cause them to be unstable at times need to address the situation in a more direct manner. Bathroom accidents such as slips and falls can be devastating and cause irreversible damage to the body. This is why those who wish to remain as independent as possible in their own homes as they go through the aging process need to take steps to improve the safety features found in their bathrooms.
There are various ways and means of making a bathroom safer for the elderly or those that have balance issues. The use of a walk-in tub for bathing purposes is one of the top options as it removes the need to bend in and out of standard tubs which could pose a fall hazard. One can then add extra safety features to the bathroom such as grab bars, shower chairs and non-slip floors. The use of an assortment of safety devices and items all come together to make the bathroom one of the safer areas within the home and this is quite helpful for those who want to remain independent and thus live on their own for as long as possible.The main item to add or include in a bathroom is a walk-in bathtub and it is the most beneficial addition one can make. This is because the elderly tend to have balance and coordination problems and when they attempt to get in and out of a wet bathtub they may slip or fall. This is critical as even a slight slip can cause broken, shattered, fractured or damaged bones. The elderly need to be as safe and careful as possible. When you use things designed to improve safety in a bathroom such as grab bars for helping to keep ones self steady, non-clip floors to prevent feeling or being unsteady on your feet and shower chairs to allow for periods of rest as needed; the bathroom turns in to a place that can be safe for all to use in the right manner and without the help of others.

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  • Angel says:

    We have recently installed walk-in tubs from Safeguard Tubs, for my aging uncle as he has recently got done with his surgery. It was very difficult for him to take a bath in typical bathtub which is there in his room, so on our doctors recommendation we installed these walk-in tubs. They are very much user friendly and my uncle can have his bath without any assistance. The best part of this tub is his anti-slip flooring and safety bars attached to it. I would highly recommend them for elderly people.

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