Key Qualities of the Best Walk in Tubs

Key Qualities of the Best Walk in Tubs

As people grow older, it becomes more critical to change or adjust certain aspects of their lifestyles to accommodate their changing needs. Taking a bath, for instance, can be become quite a difficult and complex chore for the elderly. It can even become a health hazard for them as well.

For individuals living with a senior citizen, it is essential to ensure their safety and comfort when they are taking a bath. One way of doing this is changing the tub they regularly use and having a walk in bathtub installed in the bathroom.

Walk in tubs are basically the same as traditional bathtubs, except that they have been modified with features that make bathing safer, more convenient and comfortable. A walk in bathtub has a built-in door, which means you don’t have to climb into it when you will take a bath, effectively reducing the chances of slipping or falling. And although they have doors, they are watertight so you won’t have to worry about spillages that may cause slips and consequently, different types of injuries. Since walk in bathtubs are usually larger and deeper, senior citizens can use them for both showering and bathing, comfortably and safely.

A walk in bathtub though can be quite a costly investment. If you’re looking for the right tub that ensures a safe and comfortable bathing experience every time for your loved one, below are some key qualities or features to look for in the walk in bathtub you should buy:

  • It should be made of high quality materials. The best and most durable walk in bathtubs are made from materials that do not easilycrack or get scratches. Look for one that is fade resistant as well.Most good quality walk in tubs are made of gel coat, fiberglass, and acrylic.
  • It comes with anti-slip features. Choose a tubthat comes with anti-slip floors, seats and bathmats since these items or features guarantee thatno accidental slips take place.
  • It should have anti-scalding technology.A person, regardless of age, can also get hurt if the water in the tub gets too hot. The ideal walk in tub you should have in your home should also have anti-scald technology that automatically keeps the water temperature from getting too high.
  • It should be low maintenance.Aside from choosing a tub that is made of durable materials, ideally, it should be low maintenance, too. The tub should be bacteria- and mold-resistant so that it can stay clean with less work from your part.
  • Easy access. Lastly, the user should have easy access to all of the buttons or knobs, handles, the doors and other features of the tub so that his or her bathing experience is always safe, convenient and comfortable.

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