Making a Walk in Bathtub Soak More Pleasing and Relaxing

Making a Walk in Bathtub Soak More Pleasing and Relaxing

Aside from being functional, the ideal bathroom should also be a calming and relaxing retreat right in your home. Having the right bathtub (and of course, soaking in it) can help you unwind and feel more calm, and it can also enable you to release some of your stress and worries after a hard day’s work.

A walk in bathtub comes with all the features of a regular tub. However, with walk in bathtubs, you will enjoy the ease of access of a shower with all the comfort of a bath. They are designed to be walked into, rather than stepped over to get in; this makes them more accessible and safer to use, especially for the elderly and disabled. They are also often taller than traditional tubs, whichthen guarantees a deeper soak and reduces the chances of water spilling over the side.

Since walk in bathtubs provide ease of access anda deeper soak, you will certainly enjoy your baths more. But you can even make your baths more calming and pleasing by following the tips below:

  • Put some bath salts, bubble bath or other water soluble minerals in the water.These products help make the water gentler on your skin sincethey moisturize it rather than leaving it dry after you bathe. These bath salts can also help perfume the water, making your bathing experience more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Light some aromatic candles.If you’re really into aromatics, you can surround the tub with lighted scented candles. For a more relaxing and calming ambiance,you can try lavender. You can choose rosemary-scented candlesif you want to stimulate your mind.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes.You will certainly enjoy and savor the serenity of a quiet bath where the only sound is the soft splashing you make when you move. But if you’re looking for a little more, you can put on some music. Whether you’re into jazz, classics, or pop, putting on the right playlist can help you unwind and relax even more.
  • Consider investing in water jets.Finally, having a jetted tub can truly be the pinnacle of bathing experiences. Water jets provide a soothing and gentle massage that can help you relax more, reduce stress, and sootheyour tense muscles. Hydrotherapy can also improve blood circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system.

Having a walk in bathtub can really help you enjoy your bath even more. By following the tips above, you can also turn a hot water bath into something more calming and relaxing that is good for both your mind and body.

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