How To Pick Your Very Own Walk-in Bathtub

How To Pick Your Very Own Walk-in Bathtub

Having a walk-in bathtub installed in your home is a great idea if you have mobility issues and have a hard time getting in and out of a traditional tub. But with so many types to choose from, finding the model that suits you best can be a challenge. Before you set out to order one, the following are factors to consider:

  • Warranties – Walk-in bathtubs don’t come cheap, so make sure that the product you choose comes with a lifetime “leak-proof” door seal warranty as well as long-term warranties on both the tub and the operating system.
  • Size – Walk-in bathtubs come in various shapes and sizes, but they generally have high walls and span 26 to 32 inches across.You can rest assured that most of them will fit the usual 60-inch-long space in your bathroom allotted for a regular tub. Walk-in bathtubs tend to be shorter, so if your choice doesn’t fit into that space, you can get an extension kit for it.
  • Entry and Exit Feature – There are basically two door options: one that swings inward (more common) and one that swings outward (preferable for people who use a wheelchair). Another possibility is a tub with a rising wall. It sits about two feet from the ground and boasts a side panel that slides up and down to allow you to enter the tub seated. This makes it another good option for those in a wheelchair.
  • Tub – You can get a simple soaker, a hydrotherapy tub, an aerotherapy tub, or a combination of the two.
  • Filling and Draining System – With regular tubs, the bather usually fills the tub first before getting into it and then drains it before getting out of it. This is obviously not an option for walk-in tub users. The problem with sitting in the tub as you wait for it to fill or drain is that you could get cold, so to avoid this unpleasant experience, make sure that you opt for fast-filling and fast-draining tubs. These are pump-assisted to significantly speed up the two processes.

Nowadays, walk-in bathtub are offered by many different companies. Their products naturally differ not only in brand but in quality as well. You may go directly to different company showrooms to purchase your tub, although stores like Home Depot and Sears sell them, too.

As mentioned above, a walk-in bathtub costs a pretty penny and is not covered by medical plans. Fortunately, many companies offer financing with easier payment plans. This is another thing you’ll want to look into before you make your decision.

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