Premier Care Bathing - Walk in Bath Tub Review for Original Easy Bathe

Review #1 – Premier Care Bathing

Premier Care Walk in Bath - The"Original Easy Bathe"

I have recently taken on a caregiver role for my elderly mother who had a stroke. She has moved into our home so my husband and I purchased the Premier Walk in Bathtub. My mother is a very stubborn person who is having a hard time living with others and with me caring for her. She is not immobile so she still has a sense of independence which is very important for her. However, we purchased the bathtub for a bit of extra peace of mind and I'm so glad we did.

The Premier Care walk in bathtubs we purchased was the Original Easy Bathe, which has proven so easy for my mother to use. The seat is slip resistant and there are many other safety features so she can get in and out really easy. The optional shower canopy is also great and not a feature found in other safety tubs. My husband loved how easy it was to install, too.

Another added perk is that the bathtub is small and compact so we actually had it installed in what used to be a powder room. We originally thought it would be impossible to make this a full-bath (meaning, with shower) but with the shower only being 3 square feet, it was possible.

We are very happy with this safety tub and thankful for the peace of mind we've gotten by the purchase. In reality, it was a lot of work- removing the closet and installing the tub but it is worth the ease it has provided us.

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