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Superior Walk in Tubs

Manufacturing tubs since 2002 when walk-in tubs for residential use just began to hit the market, Superior Walk In Tubs stepped into industry and marketed their tubs as being high quality but with, affordable prices. Superior Walk in Tubs pride themselves on the fact that their tubs are the only ones in the industry made using one piece construction. According to what Superior Walk in Tubs states on their site, one piece construction is the only way to create a tub with enough strength to stop the tub from flexing, which occurs due to the weight exerted on it by the water within the tub. It is important to keep a tub from flexing because when it does it causes the door to leak, which explains why the company markets their brand as Superior Walk in Tubs. In addition to its one piece construction, superior tubs are built using a stainless steel frame that is water and rust proof and that has six adjustable legs for leveling purposes. End Panels and extension shelves are also included to maintain the visual appeal of your bathroom because the majority of walk-in tubs are shorter than standard bathtubs. Tubs also come equipped with safety features such as built in grab bars and seats with extended height. Fixtures such as a handheld shower unit as well as additional bars are also available to be mounted in the locations of your choice. There is also the option for massage features through adding air whirlpool massage jets, water jets or a spa combo package, which includes both water and air jets. If looking to also keep your bath water warm, you may also opt for an inline heater.

Perfect Walkin Bathtubs

With over five hundred installations completed without complaint, Perfect Walkin Bathtubs is one of the fastest growing companies located in Southern California. Their selection of bathtubs offer features such as ADA approved contoured seats, non-slip floors, easy-to-grip handles, bath pumps to keep bath water warm and spa options such as air, jet and combination air and jet massage systems.

As evident in their list of tub features, theses tubs are meant to provide: independence and safety to those facing mobility issues, relaxation to those seeking luxury bathing options, health benefits for consumers looking to relieve pain and discomfort associated with muscles, joints or health conditions such as arthritis.

According to their website, Perfect Walkin Bathtub designs are all up to code with USA plumbing and housing requirements and comply with current medical standards. Pump materials are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and tubs possess CUPC Certification issued by IAPMO. Upon selecting this company to do business with, insure you are making the right decision by confirming this information.


Our site is designed to guide those looking to purchase a walk-in bathtub, obtain information about the available options. To do this, we provide company and product reviews and although most will be accurate, they are not validated as coming from a dependable source. When a review appears to be overly optimistic or negative, it is possible it is not from a trustworthy source


Sam’s Club

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These Retailers carry walk in tubs on their websites. THESE COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE A TUB FOR YOU TO SEE IN THEIR SHOWROOMS. This is another way to purchase a walk in bathtub with a terrific guarantee.

These companies may not have a trained sales staff and may not be aware of the inventory but do handle drop ship orders in the US. Big Box Retailers may offer financing on their items which is a big help if you cannot afford to pay for the Walk In Tub upfront.

The Big Box stores carry various manufacturers so you may want to ask which brand walk in bathtub they carry so you can better understand what you are buying.

We do not endorse any Walk in Bathtub Company in particular; however you should ignore the reviews that are overly negative or positive. Such reviews are not likely to offer a balanced view and some of them could be fake reviews posted to promote or demote a company.

It is always a good idea to check BBB ratings and make sure the company is licensed to do business in your State by asking for the companies IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification. Try to avoid paying an excess for your tub and keep your 3 day cancellation rights and warranty paperwork.

Active Forever Reviews

ActiveForever is company that provides life enhancing products and services. With retail locations in Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona, the majority of their business is done online through their website ActiveForever is a division of Independent Living Products. After being purchased by private investors back in 2002, ILP re-branded and designed as ActiveForever and since then, has become a top supplier of medical supplies, safety equipment and innovative health products.Providing a large array of life-enhancing products, ActiveForever supplies items to help consumers with physical disabilities, injuries and health conditions.

To help the elderly and those suffering from mobility issues, ActiveForever offers a handful of different walk in bathtub options, which can help people maintain a level of independence for an extended period of time.  Specifically ordered to meet the needs of the customer, all walk in bathtubs are constructed of a fiberglass and acrylic mix on a stainless steel frame to ensure durability. Tubs are ordered and shipped directly to the customer for installation.

In addition to each bathtub’s individual features, specifications such as the warranty, return polity and shipping information vary as well. These details are specific to the bathtub selected but are included on the company’s website.

Simply Bathtubs

Simply Bathtubs carries a large variety of tubs including those made of acrylic, cast iron tubs and fiberglass. Styles of bathtubs carried by this company include corner, walk in, free standing, modern, slipper, antique, soaking, whirlpool and air jet tubs. A variety of tub sets and accessories are also offered. Walk in bathtubs are standard in size so there are no issues placing them in an existing space. Tubs are also over three feet tall so when seated in the tub, it allows for complete shoulder and neck submersion. In addition to being helpful with the bathing process, this feature also helps alleviate pain associated with joint and arthritis issues. An additional option feature that can be added to a tub includes whirlpool features, which can provide bathers with a mini-massage session within the comfort of their own home. This unique design is not only safe, but convenient for those that have trouble getting around on their own. In providing a safe alternative to traditional bathing the odds of a bathroom injury occurring significantly reduces. Having in-home, walk in bathtubs installed allows for those with mobility issues to remain independent for as long as possible. Customer Advice- Anytime you shop at an online store for a large purchase like this, be sure to verify the company is properly certified. Also be aware that price differences among stores can sometimes be quite drastic so make sure to shop around a bit before making a final decision. Be sure to ask about company specifics such as the price of tubs, construction procedures and of course product warranties.   *Disclaimer* -


Independent Home Walk in Tubs

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In business for over ten years now, the premier walk in tub dealer in the US is Independent Home. Headquartered in New York, but serving the entire United States,  Independent Home serves customers in over twenty states. At Independent Home, the mission is to assist people purchasing safe bathing equipment so they can independently bath themselves with confidence while remaining safe. Independent Home is also dedicated to minimizing the frustrations and stress associated with mobility complications.

Independent Home is the best source for all things related to walk in bathtubs. Bath tubs are manufactured in either the U.K. or right here in the United States. Tubs are from the highest quality material but are still, cost effective and affordable.

Independent Home Walk in Bathtubs Benefit People of All Ages

While offering safety features for the elderly and those with mobility complications, walk in bathtubs also offer numerous health benefits to those without serious health issues. Many walk in bathtubs come equipped with therapeutic features, which promotes relaxation for a more stress-free lifestyle.

Independent Home walk in tubs are reasonably priced at factory direct prices! They advertise as making buying easy with financing, installation and a lifetime warranty on every one of their eight models of walk in bathtubs.


  • BBB Accredited
  • IAMPO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)
  • IAMPO R&T Product Testing
  • Meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standards

Bliss Tubs


If you have previously been shopping for a walk in bathtub, you may have already come across a Bliss Tub. Manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, Bliss Tubs can be found in national chains such as Home Depot. Headquartered in California, Bliss Tubs is known as the premier manufacturer of walk-in tubs in southern California. For those residing within that area and interested in physically examining their tubs, Bliss Tubs has a showroom in Pasadena, California. For those living in other locations, their website can point you in the direction of the nearest dealer.

Construction of Bliss Walk in Bathtubs

Bliss Tubs are constructed of stainless steel frames so are rust resistant and with having six adjustable legs, are easy to level. With inward opening doors helping to seal the tub when closed, tubs are guaranteed to be leak proof. Even with built in air blowers and green energy water pumps to transfer heat to pump water for maintaining a comfortable temperature, as previously mentioned, bliss tubs are extremely quiet. Models also come with variety of different features for example there is the space saver, for tight bathroom models, most popular, deep seat, wide tub and wide and long tub design. Bliss Tubs offers realistic warranties with all of their tubs.  One area where Bliss Tubs truly stands apart from their competitors is with their tub controls, which are designed as part of an electronic keypad instead of the more traditional buttons that are sometimes, difficult to press.

Walk in Bathtub Features

Multiple different features are also available for example, there are walk-in soaker tubs, walk-in hydro tubs, walk-in air and spa baths and walk-in dual combination baths with both air and hydro spa features. To enhance relaxation, consumers can add on features to enable chroma-therapy (aka- color therapy) as well as aromatherapy, where fragrances are used to help those bathing feel soothed and relaxed.

Bliss Walk in Tubs Qualifications

According to their website, Bliss Tubs are ADA-compliant and all bathtub system components are UL certified. It also states they are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have been free of complaints since they were founded in 2008.


If looking to purchase mobility products online, AmeriGlide has many options. In striving to help people with mobility issues and sustain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible, Ameriglide offers products to help aid in the process. People struggling with mobility no longer have to sell their homes when hurdles arise. Instead, they can turn to companies such as Ameriglide, which offers products like the walk in bath tub to improve the quality life, minimize the risk of an injury and make everyday life easier. Ameriglide- Accessibility Solutions offers just that! They provide solutions to improve accessibility to various locations within a home. To provide specifics products include: stair lifts (outdoor, curved, reconditioned, used and battery or electric powered), wheelchair stair climber, bath lifts/lift chairs. dumbwaiters, elevators, platforms/ramps, platform lifts, pool lifts, powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters and of course, the walk in bath tub. Although predominately an internet and phone based company for making sales, there are select locations throughout the US with storefront locations. Additional service features are available and include contractor pricing, product rentals, part replacement and buy-backs for those looking to sell of mobility aids no longer being used. The tubs that can be purchased through Ameriglide are from Sanctuary and come in a variety of sizes for easy installation. Prior to ordering a tub, be sure to accurately measure the bathroom to determine the right sized tub for the area.Visit Ameriglide’s website for the exact measurements of the four different sized tubs available.