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Best Bath Walk in Tubs


Best Bath System’s slogan is “Making bathing safer since 1971”, which they have been doing with walk-in tubs.  Offering an array of options for walk-in tubs, this company prides themselves on providing safe bathing and accessibility to hospitals, assisting living facilities or in the-home to helps those in need with securing safety for independent living.

Bathing Options for Healthcare Facilities

There is a line of commercial walk-in tub/showers supplied by Best Bath that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Built specifically for use within the healthcare industry, ADA showers and tubs are built to meet industry requirements. Insured by a 30-year limited warranty, purchasers should feel secure they are buying a quality product.

Residential Options for Tub Installation

In being considered the second most dangerous room in a person’s house due to factors such as slippery floors and tubs, walk-in are often sought by home owners as a safety precaution.  These walk in tubs are also popular due to the option for installing a jetted tub, which offers therapeutic features.

For those worried about walk-in tubs not fitting through doors and entry ways in their home, according to Best Bath, they should not worry. With Best Bath System’s surround to fit system, installation professionals bring the tub inside in multiple pieces to put together during the install.

*Disclaimer* At Walk In Bathtub Reviews, we like to help those shopping for a tub, make the right decision. While we do not endorse any one manufacturer for buying a walk in bathtub, we provide information that helps buyers make a decision that is right for them. Please know that while reviews can be helpful, they are not always submitted honestly so be aware of reviews that appear overly persuasive. Aside from reading reviews, potential customers should always ensure the company they select is licensed to perform contracting duties. To verify a company is legitimate verify they possess: IAMPO approval, UL certification and are BBB accredited.



Creating tubs for a bathing experience where safety meets luxury, Meditub offers both walk in and combination bathtub with shower units for all bathing needs. Manufactured in the United States Meditub, a brand from Spa World Corp, is the largest manufacturer of walk in bath tubs in the United States.

Meditub offers varying tub styles for the elderly, bathers with mobility issues and those requiring handicapped features. Features are not geared towards safety and comfort because there are also hydro-therapeutic options as well as luxury features for added comfort and relaxation. Air and hydrotherapy are add-on features that yes, provide the luxury of promoting relaxation. However, these features also offer medical benefits as well. For example, they can aid in improving and helping with circulation, achy joints and conditions such as arthritis. Remember to always consult with a physician before attempting to treat any type of medical condition with an alternative method of therapy such as those mentioned.

In resisting chips, fading, discoloring, mildew formation, mold and bacteria growth, acrylic tub options are a popular choice due to their durability. Meditub newest styles are designed for consumers seeking wheelchair accessible tubs. The clever new designs feature a widened door, which allows for wheelchairs to slide directly into the tub. As you can see, Meditub is bound to serve your bathing requests regardless of what they may be.


Our goal is to provide walk in tub consumers with guidance when making their purchase.  Walk in bath tub reviews, like most other online product reviews, aren’t promised to be genuine so although this information will prove helpful, it is not recommended that you place 100% confidence in the information. Allow it to contribute to your decision but not be the sole factor for making your decision and watch for reviews with a tone that is overly positive or negative.  To provide your own insurance as a consumer, be sure to confirm the businesses you do business with are BBB accredited, UL certified and IAPMO approved. When it comes to hiring a plumber, always take the same precautions.

Safety Tubs

Offering customers independence, safety, comfort and convenience, Safety Tubs is known for their award winning acrylic and gel coated models of walk in bathtubs.

Walk in Bathtub Features

What attracts buyers to their tubs is the acrylic finish because it is mold, bacteria, crack and stain resistant. Another key feature is the company’s patented T5 door system, which forms a hydrostatic seal once the door is latched to create a leak proof bathing experience. To help create this seal, tubs contain a door that opens inward into the tub so that the pressure from the water pushes and places pressure on the door to keep it closed tight to provide the most effective seal.

Installation of Safety Tubs

According to Safety Tubs, the installation for their products can be done easily by any plumber. Their tubs also fit in standard sized spaces so the installation does not require remodeling work to be done. If worried about odd sized areas to place a tub, this company also offers extension kits so they can conform to any layout. With tubs priced in line with the standard fiberglass tubs, the company promotes its affordability while maintaining quality.

Guarantee and Warranty

With a lifetime guarantee on the tub door seal, Safety Tubs also offers a full five year warranty on all safety tubs. In testing being a comprehensive part of the manufacturing process, all tubs are tested with water and must prove to be at 100% before they are declared satisfactory for shipment.

*Disclaimer* Prior to selecting a tub company, verify BBB accreditation, UL certification and IAPMO approval (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) before finalizing any type of work order. At walk in bath tub reviews, we strive to provide future walk in tub owners with the necessary guidance to making the best purchasing decision. We do not specifically endorse any one tub company but instead, provide consumers with a guide for what is available within this industry. 

Chicago Walk in Tubs

In having the one and only showroom in and around the Chicago area,  Chicago Walk-In Tubs caters to those that need to physically see a product before breaking out the wallet. A walk-in tub is a large ticket item so for many, is a difficult decision to make without actually seeing and testing the product. To alleviate consumer insecurities about purchasing this large ticket item, Chicago Walk-In Tubs displays their products in a showroom open to the public. Potential customers are free to visually and physically put tubs to the test by getting in and out of them.

This company deals solely with walk-in tubs so they are able to focus all of their energy on helping their customers with making their tub selection and scheduling the installation. Their attention to customer is displayed in their openness for scheduling in-home meetings with walk in tub professionals and acceptance of evening and weekend appointments for accessing the showroom.

Walk in Tub Options

All walk-in tubs are manufactured by DCE Bathing Systems in the US with two size options, 26 and 30 inch. All tubs are fully featured with: double water tight seal with a lifetime warranty,  rounded doors that are 18 ¼ inch wide, a deep soaking tub, 6" step-in height, delta faucet, cable operated drain, non-slip floor, easy to grip handle, shower bar, shower curtain, rods, rings, built-in towel rack & grab bar and leveling legs. Additional add-on features are also available and include a hydrotherapy system with 43 Individual jets, re-circulation heaters, whirlpool system with six jets, thermostatic mixing valve, end and filler panes as well as options for selecting a customized color match for your tub.

*Disclaimer*- doesn’t actually endorse any one tub manufacturer. Our website serves the sole purpose of helping those looking to purchase a walk-in bathtub. Company reviews on our site are intended to help with decision making but because reviews are not always from trustworthy sources, they shouldn’t be the only verification of whether a company is reputable or not. For that, it is recommended that customers verify : BBB Accreditation, IAPMO approval and UL certification. 


Independent Home Walk in Tubs

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In business for over ten years now, the premier walk in tub dealer in the US is Independent Home. Headquartered in New York, but serving the entire United States,  Independent Home serves customers in over twenty states. At Independent Home, the mission is to assist people purchasing safe bathing equipment so they can independently bath themselves with confidence while remaining safe. Independent Home is also dedicated to minimizing the frustrations and stress associated with mobility complications.

Independent Home is the best source for all things related to walk in bathtubs. Bath tubs are manufactured in either the U.K. or right here in the United States. Tubs are from the highest quality material but are still, cost effective and affordable.

Independent Home Walk in Bathtubs Benefit People of All Ages

While offering safety features for the elderly and those with mobility complications, walk in bathtubs also offer numerous health benefits to those without serious health issues. Many walk in bathtubs come equipped with therapeutic features, which promotes relaxation for a more stress-free lifestyle.

Independent Home walk in tubs are reasonably priced at factory direct prices! They advertise as making buying easy with financing, installation and a lifetime warranty on every one of their eight models of walk in bathtubs.


  • BBB Accredited
  • IAMPO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)
  • IAMPO R&T Product Testing
  • Meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standards

Bliss Tubs


If you have previously been shopping for a walk in bathtub, you may have already come across a Bliss Tub. Manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, Bliss Tubs can be found in national chains such as Home Depot. Headquartered in California, Bliss Tubs is known as the premier manufacturer of walk-in tubs in southern California. For those residing within that area and interested in physically examining their tubs, Bliss Tubs has a showroom in Pasadena, California. For those living in other locations, their website can point you in the direction of the nearest dealer.

Construction of Bliss Walk in Bathtubs

Bliss Tubs are constructed of stainless steel frames so are rust resistant and with having six adjustable legs, are easy to level. With inward opening doors helping to seal the tub when closed, tubs are guaranteed to be leak proof. Even with built in air blowers and green energy water pumps to transfer heat to pump water for maintaining a comfortable temperature, as previously mentioned, bliss tubs are extremely quiet. Models also come with variety of different features for example there is the space saver, for tight bathroom models, most popular, deep seat, wide tub and wide and long tub design. Bliss Tubs offers realistic warranties with all of their tubs.  One area where Bliss Tubs truly stands apart from their competitors is with their tub controls, which are designed as part of an electronic keypad instead of the more traditional buttons that are sometimes, difficult to press.

Walk in Bathtub Features

Multiple different features are also available for example, there are walk-in soaker tubs, walk-in hydro tubs, walk-in air and spa baths and walk-in dual combination baths with both air and hydro spa features. To enhance relaxation, consumers can add on features to enable chroma-therapy (aka- color therapy) as well as aromatherapy, where fragrances are used to help those bathing feel soothed and relaxed.

Bliss Walk in Tubs Qualifications

According to their website, Bliss Tubs are ADA-compliant and all bathtub system components are UL certified. It also states they are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have been free of complaints since they were founded in 2008.

Safety Bath

For the elderly population and those with mobility issues, bathing can be an issue because with regular amenities, the task can be troublesome. When shower and bathing facilities aren’t equipped with special accommodations for those with special needs, it can be extremely dangerous to bath. In being unable to sustain a risk of becoming seriously injured, people whose health conditions prevent them from safely showering themselves, often seek comfort by relocating to an assisted living facility or rehabilitation center. The good news is that walk-in tubs can be installed in the home to prevent premature entry into an assisted living facility or complex. In business since 1992, Safety Bath gears their marketing towards the elderly population. At Safety Bath, they believe that when it comes to the aging population, why not prepare for the future and install a tub that can help enable people to live independently for as long as possible? Safety Bath prides itself on offering those with mobility issues a safe place to bath within their homes so they are “Aging in Place” and enjoying all the time they can within the comfort of their own home. According to their website, they were the original builder of walk-in tubs in the country. They also lead within the industry for offering the largest variety of bathing solutions. Whether looking for a walk in bath, walk-in shower or combination walk in bath with shower unit with hydro-therapeutic features or air jets for a personal spa experience, Safety Bath can assist. Regardless of size and space constraints, this company also claims they can make it happen. The company also offers conversion kits to convert existing bath tubs for soaking into to walk in tubs for easy entry and exit. *Disclaimer* is not intended to endorse any one company but instead, offer customers looking for  walk in bathtubs, a resource for when shopping for a tub. Online reviews are great for gaining insight about the quality of a company’s products as well as customer service skills. However, reviews are not guaranteed to be 100% authentic so be sure to do additional research before making this large purchase. Our advice to all buyers is to ensure the company used has IAMPO approval and UL certification. It also helps to check their BBB rating.  

Rane Walk in Tubs and Bathing Systems

Originally creating only hospital quality walk-in tubs, Rane Bathing Systems now offers them for your home as well. Allowing for the elderly to “Age-In-Place”, Rane now offers new hybrid walk in tubs that claim to offer the safest access for residential tubs by eliminating the factors that cause bathtub falls, standing and moving around. This company has been in the business for over thirty years and serves both institutions and residential consumers.

One of the original founders of Rane tubs was heavily involved and played a significant role in the conception, creation and manufacturing of the first walk-in bathtub containing a door built into its side in the late 1970’s. So, it is no wonder that to this day, they continue to create innovate tub designs to improve industry standards and offer caretakers the easiest and safest option for helping those in need.

For residential tub users, Rane Bathing Systems states that their walk-in bathtubs offer much more than a regular walk-in tub. With an ADA compliant seat built in and are ergonomically designed for your comfort, the hybrid tub is designed to require very little moving around within the tub. For more information on this, visit their website and within the safe access page (listed under “How to Choose the Best Tub”), they provide a detailed explanation under “The Evolution of Bathtubs” chart .

 *Disclaimer* When purchasing one of these tubs, consumers should always do their homework and verify that the company they are using for the purchase and/or installation is BBB accredited, IAPMO approved, and UL Certified. does not endorse selected bathtub manufacturers but is intended to display the various options available to those interested in purchasing a walk-in tub. Reading about the company and analyzing customer reviews can help with making the right decision but remember that customer reviews are not always truthful 100% of the time. Most reviews are believed to come trustworthy sources but we aware of those that may appear to be a bit extreme.