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K-Designers are involved in all types of home repair and remodel, such as house painting, vinyl siding, bathroom remodeling, patio covers, home doors, gutters, under deck, insulation installation and much more. K- Designers works with skilled and experienced workers to be sure that your home will be done the right way and they also offer a free estimation beforehand. They have locations in various states including California, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska and other surrounding areas. The before and after pictures on their website are incredible; the work they do is truly well done. In addition, they work with many charitable organizations like American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association and many more.


Best Bath Walk in Tubs


Best Bath System’s slogan is “Making bathing safer since 1971”, which they have been doing with walk-in tubs.  Offering an array of options for walk-in tubs, this company prides themselves on providing safe bathing and accessibility to hospitals, assisting living facilities or in the-home to helps those in need with securing safety for independent living.

Bathing Options for Healthcare Facilities

There is a line of commercial walk-in tub/showers supplied by Best Bath that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Built specifically for use within the healthcare industry, ADA showers and tubs are built to meet industry requirements. Insured by a 30-year limited warranty, purchasers should feel secure they are buying a quality product.

Residential Options for Tub Installation

In being considered the second most dangerous room in a person’s house due to factors such as slippery floors and tubs, walk-in are often sought by home owners as a safety precaution.  These walk in tubs are also popular due to the option for installing a jetted tub, which offers therapeutic features.

For those worried about walk-in tubs not fitting through doors and entry ways in their home, according to Best Bath, they should not worry. With Best Bath System’s surround to fit system, installation professionals bring the tub inside in multiple pieces to put together during the install.

*Disclaimer* At Walk In Bathtub Reviews, we like to help those shopping for a tub, make the right decision. While we do not endorse any one manufacturer for buying a walk in bathtub, we provide information that helps buyers make a decision that is right for them. Please know that while reviews can be helpful, they are not always submitted honestly so be aware of reviews that appear overly persuasive. Aside from reading reviews, potential customers should always ensure the company they select is licensed to perform contracting duties. To verify a company is legitimate verify they possess: IAMPO approval, UL certification and are BBB accredited.



Sam’s Club

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These Retailers carry walk in tubs on their websites. THESE COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE A TUB FOR YOU TO SEE IN THEIR SHOWROOMS. This is another way to purchase a walk in bathtub with a terrific guarantee.

These companies may not have a trained sales staff and may not be aware of the inventory but do handle drop ship orders in the US. Big Box Retailers may offer financing on their items which is a big help if you cannot afford to pay for the Walk In Tub upfront.

The Big Box stores carry various manufacturers so you may want to ask which brand walk in bathtub they carry so you can better understand what you are buying.

We do not endorse any Walk in Bathtub Company in particular; however you should ignore the reviews that are overly negative or positive. Such reviews are not likely to offer a balanced view and some of them could be fake reviews posted to promote or demote a company.

It is always a good idea to check BBB ratings and make sure the company is licensed to do business in your State by asking for the companies IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification. Try to avoid paying an excess for your tub and keep your 3 day cancellation rights and warranty paperwork.


Independent Home Walk in Tubs

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In business for over ten years now, the premier walk in tub dealer in the US is Independent Home. Headquartered in New York, but serving the entire United States,  Independent Home serves customers in over twenty states. At Independent Home, the mission is to assist people purchasing safe bathing equipment so they can independently bath themselves with confidence while remaining safe. Independent Home is also dedicated to minimizing the frustrations and stress associated with mobility complications.

Independent Home is the best source for all things related to walk in bathtubs. Bath tubs are manufactured in either the U.K. or right here in the United States. Tubs are from the highest quality material but are still, cost effective and affordable.

Independent Home Walk in Bathtubs Benefit People of All Ages

While offering safety features for the elderly and those with mobility complications, walk in bathtubs also offer numerous health benefits to those without serious health issues. Many walk in bathtubs come equipped with therapeutic features, which promotes relaxation for a more stress-free lifestyle.

Independent Home walk in tubs are reasonably priced at factory direct prices! They advertise as making buying easy with financing, installation and a lifetime warranty on every one of their eight models of walk in bathtubs.


  • BBB Accredited
  • IAMPO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)
  • IAMPO R&T Product Testing
  • Meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standards


Sears Walk in Tubs


If looking for assistance with selecting the right walk in bathtubs, read company and product reviews. Large retailers such as Sears has much to offer those that like to shop around and browse the different brands, prices and tub features available. Sears, whose online shopping portal is now, more of a marketplace including both products sold by sears as well as other retailers, has a multitude of options for the shopper looking to purchase a walk in bathtub. If shoppers wish to search only Sears products, there is an option for doing so.

The only downsides to utilizing a big box retailer for your bathtub purchase is that customer service representatives usually don't offer the same quality of service that consumers would receive from a local retailer consumers won't be able to physically inspect the item they are purchasing. For this reason, it is wise to always read the fine print and understand the store's return policy if in case, the purchaser is dissatisfied with the product.

When shopping within the Sears marketplace, consumers have a large amount of brands to select from including: Active Forever, All Time Medical,  American Standard, Atlas International, G-Vision Bathware, Jacuzzi, Keller Supply Company, SpaWorld and Walk-in Bathtubs. In addition to all of these brands of tubs, there are also many bathtub accessories available for purchase. is a shopping portal with a marketplace of both products and various retailers. Some retailers are endorsed by Sears and marked as being a "Shop Your Way" Guarantee Seller. Other retailers are part of the marketplace so they have partnered with Sears to gain more exposure. When a product is labeled as a marketplace item, it is advertised by Sears but sold by a particular seller. Some products can be purchased from the retailer right within's shopping portal but other products may only be advertised on so the purchaser will have to go directly through the retailer's site. In both instances,the retailers are responsible for all customer relations, returns and exchanges.

We do not endorse any specific walk in bathtub company for making a purchase and instead, provide guidance and information to help shoppers with their purchase. Visitors to our site should be aware that any review that appears to be overly persuasive, may be from an unreliable source. With that being said, read with caution and use the reviews as guidance vs a determining factor.

Always avoid with caution- Whenever you are shopping for a large ticket item such as a walk in bathtub, be sure to check a company's credentials. Ensure the company is BBB accredited, has  IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification.