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Reviews for Seabridge Bathing

Seabridge bathing classic walk in tub has been an amazing add on to my home. Every since my mother moved in, I've been responsible for helping her get in and out of the bath tub. My husband and I decided to purchase the Seabridge Walk in Tub to make life easier and that is exactly what has happened.
The Seabridge classic walk in tub fits over my existing bath tub and has an inward opening door, allowing my mother to step in and out of the tub easily. It also comes with a 16 jet air massage which makes bathing soothing for my mother's old bones. It's complete shower system doesn't interfere with our bathroom's plumbing system, and this allows us to run the shower while running the bath all at the same time.
Seabridge Walk in Tub has been heaven sent to my family, as well as my mother. It's custom design makes bathing time much more enjoyable for not only my mother but myself as well.

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  • Donna Aust says:

    I just read a review on Walk In Bathtub Reviews
    a post dated October 21, 2013 on Seabridge Bathing????? Seabridge Bathing has been out of business for months.Humm????

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