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Aqua Care USA


Excellent tub. Found multiple reviews all within 4-5 stars. Known for their quality.

Aqua Care USA is a family owned business, headquartered in Iowa, and with office in Dallas TX and Pleasant Hill, CA.  For over 25 years, Aqua Care has been serving seniors throughout seventeen states across the country.  Our company specializes in home walk-in bathtubs, hydrotherapy spas, walk-in showers, and charilifts & stairlifts. Aqua Care USA is UPC certified and our products come with a lifetime warranty. We serve residents in the following states:
  • IA
  • NE
  • MN
  • SD
  • ND
  • WI
  • IL
  • IN
  • OH
  • TN
  • MO
  • KS
  • AR
  • OK
  • LA
  • TX
  • CA
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Aqua Tubs
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Excellent Tub - Know for a quality product
5 stars

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  • William A White says:

    Specs & Prices

  • Rick says:

    Zero complaints, when as well as it could go. Installers went above and beyond, we are both happy/

  • Nancy M - Ohio says:

    I am in the market for a new tub. I am looking around now. Had one in my last house, and I am looking at Aqua Care again. Good tub, never had an issue with it.

  • Sam Burkhardt says:

    I’m a licensed remodeling contractor and plumber. I am interested in getting information for one of my clients and toget educated in general about walk in tubs.

  • Zoey says:

    Actually stumbled up on this site looking for a new tub for my Mom. The tub at her house was an aqua tub and there was never anything wrong with it. Never. Was shopping around for a new one for our house. Highly Recommended.

  • Jeana Geist says:
    5 stars

    Great tub for the money. Was between a couple of makers, installation was fast. Happy.

  • Patricia Byrd says:

    We ordered our tub and two installers came at 9:30 and left at 4:30. They worked together as a great team and were very polite and professional. They did a fabulous job taking out the regular tub and installing the new Aqua Care walk-in tub. The finished product was built in and very professional. They cleaned all the debris and carried it off and left the place very nice. They took the time to fill the tub and explain it’s various functions. It is the best money we ever spent. Helps our old arthritic joints and bones function much better. Thanks Aqua Care for your marvelous product! Patricia and Thurman Byrd

  • Jim Hicks says:

    Pricing please.

  • Vanita Blundell says:

    I am looking for walk-in tub for my 94 year old mother- She will be moving in with me and I need to have a tub for her-
    thank you

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