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Chicago Walk in Tubs


Chicago Walk in Tubs


Walk in tubs are not like any traditional bathtub. Unlike a standard bathtub, the Walk In Tub has a door to eliminate the step over the rim of the tub as well as a seat to sit down onto. If you would like to see a tub before purchasing; these companies offer a place for you to view the tub in your state.

In having the one and only showroom in and around the Chicago area,  Chicago Walk-In Tubs caters to those that need to physically see a product before breaking out the wallet. A walk-in tub is a large ticket item so for many, is a difficult decision to make without actually seeing and testing the product. To alleviate consumer insecurities about purchasing this large ticket item, Chicago Walk-In Tubs displays their products in a showroom open to the public. Potential customers are free to visually and physically put tubs to the test by getting in and out of them.

This company deals solely with walk-in tubs so they are able to focus all of their energy on helping their customers with making their tub selection and scheduling the installation. Their attention to customer is displayed in their openness for scheduling in-home meetings with walk in tub professionals and acceptance of evening and weekend appointments for accessing the showroom.

Walk in Tub Options

All walk-in tubs are manufactured by DCE Bathing Systems in the US with two size options, 26 and 30 inch. All tubs are fully featured with: double water tight seal with a lifetime warranty,  rounded doors that are 18 ¼ inch wide, a deep soaking tub, 6" step-in height, delta faucet, cable operated drain, non-slip floor, easy to grip handle, shower bar, shower curtain, rods, rings, built-in towel rack & grab bar and leveling legs. Additional add-on features are also available and include a hydrotherapy system with 43 Individual jets, re-circulation heaters, whirlpool system with six jets, thermostatic mixing valve, end and filler panes as well as options for selecting a customized color match for your tub.

*Disclaimer*- doesn’t actually endorse any one tub manufacturer. Our website serves the sole purpose of helping those looking to purchase a walk-in bathtub. Company reviews on our site are intended to help with decision making but because reviews are not always from trustworthy sources, they shouldn’t be the only verification of whether a company is reputable or not. For that, it is recommended that customers verify : BBB Accreditation, IAPMO approval and UL certification. 

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  • Christine Grey says:

    We needed a walk in bathtub and I like to inspect products before making a purchase so we went to Chicago Walk-in-tubs. I am sure we paid a bit more than if we went to larger retailer like, Home Depot but being able to see the bathtub and talk to a knowledgeable source was well worth any additional expenses. Three months in and so far, we are happy with our decision.

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