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Home Depot Walk in Bathtub Reviews


These Retailers carry walk in tubs on their websites but do not carry them within their stores so consumers are not able to physically see what they are purchasing. However, big box retailers like Home Depot often have return policies, which is a nice fall back option.


When it comes to walk in bathtubs Home Depot and other large retailers do not have showrooms but instead, opt to carry walk in tubs on their websites only. They also tend to have not so knowledgeable sales teams so it can sometimes be difficult to obtain advice or guidance.

As previously mentioned,  purchasing through big box retailers has both pros and cons. One advantage over is that in being so large, the big box retailers are able to offer more brand options so there are more features to choose from.

Home Depot offers numerous brands of walk in bathtubs including American Standard, Allure Walk in Tubs, Ella Walk In Baths as well as a selection of walk-in showers from Pittsburgh Corning. Prices of tubs range from $2,000 to $5,000.

Of the walk in bathtubs available, a selection are available to be shipped to the buyers home while others, are only available for pick-up because they only ship to the store. Buyers should be aware of this detail as well as the shipping costs when placing their online order. If assistance is needed, be sure to call the help line to request assistance.

Customer Advice- When selecting a company to purchase your tub from, verify BBB accreditation and check ratings. Go the extra mile and also, make sure the company is licensed to do business in your State by requesting documentation of IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification.

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  • Carl White says:

    I am a contractor and installed an American Standard walk in bathtub for my neighbor. He selected Home Depot because he could finance this larger purchase. He is happy with the tub and I was impressed with the craftmanship and quality.

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