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If you are looking to have a sales person come to your home to better educate you on the walk in bathtubs these are the companies for you. They will offer to have a sales rep come to your home and take a look at your bathroom to see exactly which tub would fit best in your specific bathroom layout.

These companies will handle the entire installation and make it very easy on you to make a decision. They will spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions and determine which Walk In Tub is right for you.

If you are having difficulties choosing the right Walk In Tub that would fit and if you are looking for a company to install the tub as well this is the best way to go. Expect to pay more for the additional service but again it is the one on one service and customer care that you are paying for.

We do not endorse any Walk in Bathtub Company in particular; however you should ignore the reviews that are overly negative or positive. Such reviews are not likely to offer a balanced view and some of them could be fake reviews posted to promote or demote a company.

It is always a good idea to check BBB ratings and make sure the company is licensed to do business in your State by asking for the companies IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification. Try to avoid paying an excess for your tub and keep your 3 day cancellation rights and warranty paperwork.

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  • Tony Moore says:

    I just installed a walk in tub that is made by your company and need to talk to someone there about a little problem. The tub works great, but only have one little problem and that is the tub drain. When you turn the knob to raise and lower the drain it always lifts up, but doesn’t lower the drain all the time. I can pull out the drain cap and re-install it and it will raise and lower every time, but when you walk away for a few minutes and go back to lower it it won’t lower anymore. Kind of weird, but wondering if there is some kind of adjustment that I don’t know about?

  • Forest Owens says:

    I have a Home Solutions Walk in tub that I can,t get the water to not come through the shower adapter. I can not get the diverter valve out. Any suggestions? Please e-mail or call me at 409-579-3907.

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