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Independent Home Walk in Bathtubs


Independent Home Walk in Tubs

In business for over ten years now, the premier walk in tub dealer in the US is Independent Home. Headquartered in New York, but serving the entire United States,  Independent Home serves customers in over twenty states. At Independent Home, the mission is to assist people purchasing safe bathing equipment so they can independently bath themselves with confidence while remaining safe. Independent Home is also dedicated to minimizing the frustrations and stress associated with mobility complications.

Independent Home is the best source for all things related to walk in bathtubs. Bath tubs are manufactured in either the U.K. or right here in the United States. Tubs are from the highest quality material but are still, cost effective and affordable.

Independent Home Walk in Bathtubs Benefit People of All Ages

While offering safety features for the elderly and those with mobility complications, walk in bathtubs also offer numerous health benefits to those without serious health issues. Many walk in bathtubs come equipped with therapeutic features, which promotes relaxation for a more stress-free lifestyle.

Independent Home walk in tubs are reasonably priced at factory direct prices! They advertise as making buying easy with financing, installation and a lifetime warranty on every one of their eight models of walk in bathtubs.


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Independent Home Walk In Tubs
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20 Comments/Reviews

  • Debra D. says:

    It is hard for my DH who has mobility issues to get in and out of our bathtub to take a shower. Our kids offered a solution for him and that was to help us purchase a walk in bath tub. After much searching we decided on one from Independent Home. My daughter-in-law convinced us to purchase the Supreme walk in bathtub because we needed a tub with a quick train because my inpatient husband definitely won’t want to sit and wait ten minutes for the bathtub to drain just so that he can get out. I am very thankful that she brought this to my attention!

    So far- we are LOVING our new Supreme bathtub tub and I just thought I would share that with others looking for recommendations on where to purchase a bathtub. The tub has done wonders for my husband and to top it all off I, myself, have been enjoying the benefits of the hydrotherapy features. My arthritis is pretty bad especially after running after the grand kids and the water therapy does wonders for it!

  • Jayson Lewis says:

    Choosing the best walk in tubs for all your needs is important. You have to match the walk in tub to your requirements and the size o the place where you have to install it.

  • Harriet Nock says:

    I need a walkin tub with a shower and Hydrotherapy..

    Contact me.

    • helen hermestroff says:

      How long does theinstallation take?
      Do the jets stay free of contamination?
      How does one add a heater to keep water temp constant?
      What is considered a fair price for a good system? Want a quick drain, comfort jets, heat and ???

      • Judy Butler says:

        what one would drain fast and have heater to keep water warm and help ache and pains? How much does the tubs need? Would like to read views of all sorts.

  • Anthony DeMatteis says:

    Please contact me by e-mail and or regular mail only showing styles, quick draining and jets for comfort in bathing.

  • Jim Hicks says:

    Please send me your prices and specs.
    Thank you

  • Gayla Mayo says:

    How long does the installation take? Who does the install, a plumber or someone from your company?
    Please send info on tubs with quick drain, jets, and possible head.

  • John K Ritz says:

    Need pricing and the best solution for a complete remodel?

    • Irwin Azman says:

      I am looking to buy my 92 old mother a walk in tub with jets. I want to keep in under $10,000 with complete installation, permits and taxes. Can you help ?

  • Lorraine Ewing says:

    We need a walk-in tub including installation. We need the hydrotherapy,
    + a few other things & a free estimate.
    It would be replacing a garden tub.

  • Lois Kunz says:

    Please send me information , where in my area to consult with dealer. We live near San Antonio, Texas

  • Suzanne says:

    Please I would be interest in more information. We are wanting to buy a tub as a gift for a dear friend who has many mobility, balance issues. Thank you. We will follow up with you once we have data, pricing, sizing, installation help. They currently have a built in alcove tub.

  • Joann says:

    Need a walk in tub with a shower and a hydrotherapy. Would also need installation. Can you send a brosure? Quick drain and jets are a requirement. I live in the las Vegas/Henderson, Nv. area. Send prices and models.

  • ladyf says:

    Need a walk in tub with a shower for my elderly parent. Would also need installation. Can you send a brochure? Shower, quick drain are a requirement; heated jets would be a desired as well if they are affordable. My mother lives in Orange County, CA.

    Is any of this covered under insurance or Medicare?

    Thank you.

  • Ron says:

    these look like what we are looking for…can I just buy the tub/s? show me the models and pricing. can probably pick up if in ny

  • Edward Nelson says:

    I am planning to change the tub for a walk in tub. What do you have & how much will it costs?

  • Betty L says:
    5 stars

    Recently purchased my second tub from Independent home for my new bathroom.

    Very happy with my purchase.

  • Lou says:
    5 stars

    Great tub, installation was fast and clean. Great price, would recommend to my friends and family.