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Jacuzzi Walk in Tub


Jacuzzi Walk In Tubs


Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs have been around since the late 1960's. Read about the company history, current products, reviews or leave a Jacuzzi brand product review.


In their brand being established over forty years ago, it is no wonder the words Jacuzzi and hot tub go hand-in-hand. To provide a bit of history, the Jacuzzi family started the industry back in late 1960’s. The first Jacuzzi tub was created in 1968, which was born from the Jacuzzi brothers’ invention of the portable hydrotherapy pump in years past. The brothers had conceptualized their invention after realizing they could use hydrotherapy (therapy using water) to help a family member’s arthritis. Twelve years following the invention of the pump, a third-generation family member by the name of Roy Jacuzzi used the pumps to create and market the first whirlpool bathtub.  As time went on, Jacuzzi continued to make enhancements such as enlarging their tubs and adding filtration systems, heaters and more enhanced jets and pump systems. The first hot tub that could be installed outdoors was created in 1980’s and people have been fans ever since.

Jacuzzi walk in tubs that contain water-jets tub contain pumps that suck water into the tubs pipes and push it out of the jets built into the tub. These water jets provide an intense massaging sensation for those bathing. As you may know, the massaging aspect can serve hydrotherapeutic purposes to help those experiencing pain due to injury, illness or disability. With today’s advanced designs, jets inside of Jacuzzi tubs can be positioned to target particular areas to provide massage-like effects. The heat from a hot tub can help those with poor circulation or that experience muscular tension as it helps with muscle relaxation.  In today’s market, Jacuzzi offers a much larger variety of tub styles and options for consumers including the walk-in bath tub. There are tubs that offer hydrotherapy experiences through water and/or air powered jet technology or more traditional soaking tubs containing the walk-in feature.

*Disclaimer* While we do not endorse any one walk in bathtub manufacturer, we do want to help those shopping for a tub, make the best decision.  Checking business reviews is going to be helpful when selecting a walk in bathtub company but bear in mind that reviews are not guaranteed to be authentic. Any information appearing to be overly positive or negative could be exaggerated so keep this in mind while reading reviews. To provide solid assurance, verify the company you are using is BBB accredited, possesses IAPMO approval and has UL certification.

Conclusion Rating
Jacuzzi Walk In Tubs
4 stars

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  • Bill - Walk In Tubs says:

    The hydrotherapy features have even made walk in tubs very popular with athletes and dancers. In a field where you have to punish your body a lot, it’s almost essential.

  • karen says:

    can there also be a shower into a walk in tub?

  • Joe Grabowski says:

    I would like an estimate

  • Jordan says:

    I recently helped my elderly Aunt shop for and purchase a Jacuzzi brand walk in bathtub. Although the price was significantly higher than the others, I agree with her in that, the materials are high quality and tub is built well.

    I recently stopped by her home to see how she was enjoying her new purchase and I have to say, she is very pleased with her purchase. I am also benefiting greatly because I no longer find myself worrying about her having a slip and fall accident while in the bathtub.

    If I am ever shopping for a walk in bathtub in the future, I will definitely consider this brand. I am giving it a 4/5 stars only because of the price but with that said, it seems to be worth the extra $.

  • Nancy says:

    Want estimate

  • Geraldine Riley says:
    3 stars

    We were told a 50 gallon water heater is sufficient to fill the tub to a useful level. Well, it’s not. It only fills about 2/3rds of the required level. Then you have to wait about 20 to 30 minutes to get enough hot water to fill the rest of the way. I will have to install an additional water heater to maximize the use of the tub. The caulking the installer used is a great seallent but it is not paintable. He smeared the caulk on the wall where it shouldn’t be and it can’t be painted. Blue masking tape should be used on all the edges to create a straight edge and keep the caulk from going where it shouldn’t go. The blower failed within a half hour of use and had to be replaced. I expected better from a well known company like Jacuzzi.

  • S. Galloway says:

    An Appointment was set for a person to come to my house to discuss the Jacuzzi Walk In Tub. I took off from work and had my contractor agree to sit in on the appointment. The representative did not show up… When I called to report this I was told they could not locate the person and would get back to me. They never called back. I lost an entire afternoon from work and had to pay my contractor for an hour of sitting around waiting for the representative to show up. This mistake of calling for the appointment cost me over #300.00.

    I would not recommend these people to anyone. There are other companies out there with better customer service.

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