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Walk in tubs are not like any traditional bathtub. Unlike a standard bathtub, the Walk In Tub has a door to eliminate the step over the rim of the tub as well as a seat to sit down onto. If you would like to see a tub before purchasing; these companies offer a place for you to view the tub in your state.


Originally creating only hospital quality walk-in tubs, Rane Bathing Systems now offers them for your home as well. Allowing for the elderly to “Age-In-Place”, Rane now offers new hybrid walk in tubs that claim to offer the safest access for residential tubs by eliminating the factors that cause bathtub falls, standing and moving around. This company has been in the business for over thirty years and serves both institutions and residential consumers.

One of the original founders of Rane tubs was heavily involved and played a significant role in the conception, creation and manufacturing of the first walk-in bathtub containing a door built into its side in the late 1970’s. So, it is no wonder that to this day, they continue to create innovate tub designs to improve industry standards and offer caretakers the easiest and safest option for helping those in need.

For residential tub users, Rane Bathing Systems states that their walk-in bathtubs offer much more than a regular walk-in tub. With an ADA compliant seat built in and are ergonomically designed for your comfort, the hybrid tub is designed to require very little moving around within the tub. For more information on this, visit their website and within the safe access page (listed under “How to Choose the Best Tub”), they provide a detailed explanation under “The Evolution of Bathtubs” chart .

 *Disclaimer* When purchasing one of these tubs, consumers should always do their homework and verify that the company they are using for the purchase and/or installation is BBB accredited, IAPMO approved, and UL Certified. Walkinbathtubreviews.org does not endorse selected bathtub manufacturers but is intended to display the various options available to those interested in purchasing a walk-in tub. Reading about the company and analyzing customer reviews can help with making the right decision but remember that customer reviews are not always truthful 100% of the time. Most reviews are believed to come trustworthy sources but we aware of those that may appear to be a bit extreme.


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