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Safety Tubs


Safety Tubs


Walk in tubs are not like any traditional bathtub. Unlike a standard bathtub, the Walk In Tub has a door to eliminate the step over the rim of the tub as well as a seat to sit down onto. If you would like to see a tub before purchasing; these companies offer a place for you to view the tub in your state.

Offering customers independence, safety, comfort and convenience, Safety Tubs is known for their award winning acrylic and gel coated models of walk in bathtubs.

Walk in Bathtub Features

What attracts buyers to their tubs is the acrylic finish because it is mold, bacteria, crack and stain resistant. Another key feature is the company’s patented T5 door system, which forms a hydrostatic seal once the door is latched to create a leak proof bathing experience. To help create this seal, tubs contain a door that opens inward into the tub so that the pressure from the water pushes and places pressure on the door to keep it closed tight to provide the most effective seal.

Installation of Safety Tubs

According to Safety Tubs, the installation for their products can be done easily by any plumber. Their tubs also fit in standard sized spaces so the installation does not require remodeling work to be done. If worried about odd sized areas to place a tub, this company also offers extension kits so they can conform to any layout. With tubs priced in line with the standard fiberglass tubs, the company promotes its affordability while maintaining quality.

Guarantee and Warranty

With a lifetime guarantee on the tub door seal, Safety Tubs also offers a full five year warranty on all safety tubs. In testing being a comprehensive part of the manufacturing process, all tubs are tested with water and must prove to be at 100% before they are declared satisfactory for shipment.

*Disclaimer* Prior to selecting a tub company, verify BBB accreditation, UL certification and IAPMO approval (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) before finalizing any type of work order. At walk in bath tub reviews, we strive to provide future walk in tub owners with the necessary guidance to making the best purchasing decision. We do not specifically endorse any one tub company but instead, provide consumers with a guide for what is available within this industry. 

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