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These Retailers carry walk in tubs on their websites. THESE COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE A TUB FOR YOU TO SEE IN THEIR SHOWROOMS. This is another way to purchase a walk in bathtub with a terrific guarantee.

These Retailers carry walk in tubs on their websites. THESE COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE A TUB FOR YOU TO SEE IN THEIR SHOWROOMS. This is another way to purchase a walk in bathtub with a terrific guarantee.

These companies may not have a trained sales staff and may not be aware of the inventory but do handle drop ship orders in the US. Big Box Retailers may offer financing on their items which is a big help if you cannot afford to pay for the Walk In Tub upfront.

The Big Box stores carry various manufacturers so you may want to ask which brand walk in bathtub they carry so you can better understand what you are buying.

We do not endorse any Walk in Bathtub Company in particular; however you should ignore the reviews that are overly negative or positive. Such reviews are not likely to offer a balanced view and some of them could be fake reviews posted to promote or demote a company.

It is always a good idea to check BBB ratings and make sure the company is licensed to do business in your State by asking for the companies IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification. Try to avoid paying an excess for your tub and keep your 3 day cancellation rights and warranty paperwork.

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  • Pedro Stone says:

    Our son is a contractor and offered to install a tub so all my wife and I had to do is order one and have it delivered. His only requests were to pick something that was a standard size and that would fit through regularly sized door frames. Living on a fixed income can be difficult at times so we went with Sam’s Club so we could finance the tub. (Just be sure to pay it off quickly for the interest rate is high (20% and over) and that is even for those with good credit) The only real benefit is that there is 0 interest if the amount is paid in full within the first 6 months but again, be careful- the offer include having to pay deferred interest if not completely paid off in promotional period. We went with the Majestic because although we didn’t need anything fancy with air or water jets, my wife insisted on having a heater. Her pet peeve is bathing in a tub full of cold water. The Majestic walk in bathtub also fit my son’s requests. To my surprise, when the tub was delivered, it came with all fixtures, safety grab bars and even a shower rod with curtain. So overall, we are happy with our purchase. The bathtub is to our liking and Sam’s Club served us well by offering competitive pricing.

  • philip bozant says:

    what are the dementions of the tub



  • Gayla Mayo says:

    Did your son have any problems installing your tub? Also, did you buy a quick drain with it?

  • Nancy says:

    I am interested in obtaining a ball park figure for a standard walk in tub/. Heater delivered to Scranton Pa. 18509

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