Walk In Bathtubs - Handicap Bathtubs & Hydrotherapy Tubs

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Basic design for walk in bathtubs only eliminates the step in over the rim aspect of the tub. Once you are inside the tub it is no different than a conventional bathtub. This is popular for families requiring a tub that works for multiple family members including someone that may be elderly or mobility impaired.

Handicap Bathtubs

If you have special needs, make sure to inquire about them because walk in bathtubs are not a one size fits all product. If you currently use a wheelchair or think you may need one, be sure to purchase a walk in bathtub that offers an outward swing door to accommodate for the wheelchair. Many bathtub manufacturers have also created models specifically designed to be handicap accessible with additional safety bars and roll-in features.

Hydrotherapy Tubs

Hydrotherapy options are available in almost every style of walk in bathtubs and provide therapeutic benefits.

1. Water Spa Therapy (Whirlpool)

Whirlpool features include jets that provide deep tissue massage motions. This feature caters to those looking for therapeutic benefits. This jet system is more aggressive so it is not usually recommended for those looking to enhance relaxation or de-stress.

*Caution!* Do not purchase a Water Spa if you have sensitive skin or a heart condition.

2. Air Spa Therapy

Air powered jets produce a softer massaging motion, which is soothing on skin and therefore, less irritating than whirlpool features.  It is also a cleaner system because water is not re- circulated through the jet stream.

*Caution!* Be sure to receive and inline heater or a separate dedicated heater to make sure the water remains hot for the entire bath.

Accessibility Models

This style is considered a true walk in bathtub because it provides both a door as well as a molded seat. This is the most popular of all walk in bathtub styles and comes highly recommended because it allows for bathers to take a bath and feel good.

Top of the Line Models

There are various features that your walk in bathtub can be fitted with. There are many companies that offer various modesl of hot tubs and tubs with speed drains or aromatherapy features. These are the top of the line walk in bathtubs and can be very enjoyable for those bathing.

For those that are  taller and/or heavier than the average bather, make sure to look into tubs that are a deeper and wider tub to ensure your comfort.


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