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Chromotherapy Tub to Enhance Bathing

As previously explained, chromotherapy uses colors to promote healing and assist in the treatment of certain diseases. Colors are associated with the various power centers of our bodies, which are known as chakras.

If a person is suffering from an ailment the chakra and its corresponding color is identified and used to provide therapy. A popular use of chromotherapy is when it is coupled with hydrotherapy. For example, chromotherapy is integrated into specific models of hydrotherapy tubs to work with the water powered therapy within walk in bathtubs to ultimately, enhance healing power.

If you are interested in learning more about the different chakras, their designated colors and the healing benefits offered by each color, be sure to read our guest blog post on (AustinPUG Health). The article also provides insight to the many benefits of when chromotherapy is coupled with hydrotherapy in walk in bathtubs.

If interested in these features and thinking of purchasing a walk in tub, be sure to check with the supplier you chose by asking about the options for purchasing a chromotherapy tub.