Reviews of Walk In Bath Tubs | Things to Consider

Things to Consider when Choosing a Walk-in Bathtub

Sure, things change as you grow older. Not everything should change though, especially not the ones you have always loved to have, like freedom and privacy. The unsteady gait you experience when getting into the bathtub has become noticeable though. If you currently experience an uneasy feeling when getting in and out of your tub there is now a solution! With a walk-in bathtub, nursing homes need not be your only option. Now the only issue you need to address is which walk-in bathtub will work best for you. There are a lot of options available. The best way to ensure that you make a wise purchase is to consider your own specific needs, both short-term and long-term. If it is a home improvement solution you are looking to have, it is best that you take into consideration the resources that you already have, like the drains and the faucets. Walk-in bathtubs make for a great replacement to your older standard tub as they provide an easy-access door. This is especially ideal for those who still prefer a tub but are having a problem with accessibility or having to step over the tub to get in. If you have a condition that makes lying down in a tub an unlikely option, then you should go for standing walk-in bathtubs that are equipped with all the necessary features – non-slip flooring and grab bars. These added features will help ensure that you maintain your balance and avoid accidents. Some models come with pivoting seats that allow for easy maneuvering from a wheelchair to a tub. For even more maximized convenience, you might as well choose a walk in bathtub equipped with bath lifts. These mechanized bath lifts will make lowering into the tub much more convenient and safe. This is a feature the handicapped will find most useful. More likely than not, the elderly and the disabled are confined in the first floor of your home. This leaves you with no choice but to make the necessary home improvement efforts on the first floor where space may be limited. As such, you have to consider the size of the tub so you can make sure that it will work for you. No worries though as companies manufacture walk-in tubs as compact as the 3-foot cubic type. These compact tubs even come with luxury features like whirlpool and hydrotherapy. Keep in mind that walk-in bathtubs make for a long-term investment. So it’s just right that you make sure that you make a smart purchase. Shop around until you make the right purchase. You may rely on Consumer Reports or any independent reviewers. You might want to seek the help of your financial adviser, if only to make sure that you get yourself an equitable deal. Also, you have to make sure that you get a dependable warranty. You should take the time to study its coverage. Make sure that it covers the tub’s motor, pumps and door seals. You should also check and make sure that its dimensions, like seat width and step height, are in compliance with CSA/UL standards. And do check on the water heater’s temperature. Make sure that is just the right temperature as it will help you save energy. Besides, you would not want the water to scald your skin. Sure you wish to make things more convenient for your household. Do make sure that it does not hurt your budget. With the right preparations, you should get exactly what you need in walk-in bathtubs.