Walk in Bathtub & Shower - Benefits of Walk in Bathtubs with Shower Features

Walk in Bathtub and Shower

If you are middle-aged and getting close to retirement, walk-in features may be something to consider for the long-term. If planning to remain in your home and currently making updates, it is important to think about the long-term benefits of your design choices. A walk in bathtub with shower offers easy accessibility and they allow people to live independently for as long as possible.

The Benefits of Walk in Bathtubs with Shower Features

Walk in bath tubs offer a large variety of features and accessories for enhancing safety, comfort, relaxation and of course, accessibility. Depending on the style selected, walk in bath tubs can come with hot water heaters, air jets, water jets, combined water and air jets to create massage and/or therapeutic benefits. faucets, hardware, seats and a variety of grab bars. A walk in bathtub with shower offers even more because it can provide the same benefits of a walk in tub but with the option to shower as well. This type of product may be perfect for a family that has to share a bathroom because walk in bathtubs with shower features would provide a safe bathing environment for the person with mobility issues. The bathtub would also allow for the rest of the household to take showers and go on as normal. The only difference is their new showering area may contain built in seats, handheld shower units, multiple grab bars and non-slip surfaces to stand on.

Often consumers are interested in these products even if they aren't caring for another individual or in need of mobility aids. Consumers that do not enjoy baths, sometimes elect to purchase a walk in shower. I suppose there is no need to have and clean a tub if it is not going to be used. When purchasing a walk in shower, purchasers need to decide on a material. Will they elect to go with fiberglass or maybe just a fiberglass tub, with tiles along each wall? Fiberglass is often a popular choice for it is much easier to clean than tile, which has grout and is more difficult to maintain.

For people that enjoy taking baths because it helps them relax, unwind or help to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with common ailments such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, a walk in bath tub may be their first choice. Walk in bath tubs create a luxurious experience within a space that is no larger than what is required for a standard bathtub. This makes it a popular choice among people that enjoy taking baths.

Wheelchair Accessible Showers & Bathtubs

Roll in Tubs and Showers

For those looking for a wheelchair accessible shower stall or bathtub with roll-in features, a walk in bathtub or shower may not provide what you need. This is because with many tubs and showers, there is a small step up and although it is only a few inches, it may a hurdle for someone that is confined to a wheelchair.

The good news is that there are roll in bathtubs and showers that are specifically designed without any increase in height. Wheelchair accessible bathtubs and showers are designed to accommodate a person in a wheelchair so there are widened doors, handheld shower options, grab bars and customized seats. Seats can be built into the unit, mobile, or pivoting to help transfer the person bathing from their wheelchair and into the tub or shower seat.