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FAQs- Walk in Tub Installation

Walk in tub installations are generally painless because the installation process does not require a contractor to meet any special requirements so there are no special licenses required for the job. For experienced professionals, such as general contractors or plumbers in this field, the job is straight forward.


*Massachusetts requires a special code for any bathtub to be installed. Ask manufacturer if the tub is MA approved.


The process for having a new walk in tub installed in a home usually consists of removing the current tub, cleaning up and fixing any issues with the plumbing or pipes, installing the new tub with facet and for required tubs, running power to it for any jetting systems.


Looking for Walk-in Tub Installers?

When looking to hire a professional for walk-in tub installation services, you may ask the company you are purchasing the tub from to make a recommendation. Often times, companies will offer special packages where installation is provided as part of an overall price. Although we have found very little evidence to support this claim, some companies claim that you void the tubs warranty if you elect to have the product put in by a professional walk in tub installer outside of their company.


If you are planning on installing the tub yourself or already have a plumber or contractor in mind, play it safe and find a company that sells walk in bath tubs without requiring an in-home evaluation by one of their professionals.