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Walk in Tub Reviews for Distributors

In-Home Sales

Purchasing a walk in bathtub while in your home is the most comfortable way to buy something. If you schedule an in-home sales consultation to discuss options for buying a walk in tub, a sales representative will come out to your home to discuss product choices and measure your bathroom to determine which tub would fit best. Before making your choice, be sure to do your research and read the walk in tub reviews for the bathtubs you are considering.

Showroom/Local Distributor

Purchasing a bathtub after seeing it within a showroom is a very popular way to make a walk in tub purchase. Showrooms sometimes only have one model on display that will fit within the space of a traditional bathtub. This doesn't mean there aren't other options so be sure to ask about all available walk-in tub options. If purchasing a tub sight unseen, it is wise to read about the product and of course, verify the bathtub has received positive reviews from other consumers.

Online Retailers

Any walk in tub purchase can be challenging but online purchasing can be even more complicated because the prices vary depending on quality. It is also difficult to verify quality for a product that is not in front of you at the time of purchase. To avoid quality issues regarding the company you are purchasing from and the actual product you are buying, research both and be sure to find reviews on both. Online companies have savvy sales people so it is important to research the company and not just the sales reputation of the sales force.

Big Box Retailers

Large retailers now offer walk in bathtubs as well. Some sell them out of a catalog while others, have them on display. The sales staff is typical not as knowledgeable because this is not their core business. They usually just sell 1 or 2 models so you want to make sure the tub that are providing will work for you. When purchasing from a big box retailer, research the items available so that you know what you want walking into the store. Manufacturer information and tub reviews from previous customers can really assist with this process.