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What You Need to Know About Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in bathtubs, or the so-called safety tubs, allow users to get inside the tub without having to step over. This is because they come with built-in doors that would allow you to walk right into the tub. These special doors are equipped with a watertight seal. Some variations of the walk-in tub would only open once the tub is empty or when the water is completely drained. The door’s elevation is only about two inches high, making entry very convenient. This type of tub also comes with faucets that have over-sized controls and allow for a more convenient temperature adjustment compared to common bathtubs. Just like the standard ones, some walk-in bathtubs also have shower heads and hand-held shower nozzles. You will also find walk-in tubs with therapeutic values, like the ones with water jets.

Not just for the Elderly Population

Walk-in bathtubs were designed mainly for the elderly or the handicapped. It has grown more popular among the general population though, as its additional features have proven to be appealing to anyone, not just the disabled or handicapped. The convenience, as well as its practical merits, such as its taller and narrower design, comes in handy to many people, like those who wish to convert a small space into a bathroom. Walk-in bathtubs are most helpful to those who actually have an infirm or elderly person in the house and make for a great option when having an additional bathroom.

Not an Easy Experience for Them

Taking a bath may be just another routine, no-sweat activity for you. This is not how it is for the elderly and the handicapped though. The whole process can be tedious and painful for them. This is especially true for people in wheelchairs as they would need someone to assist them every time they get into a bathtub. This is not only inconvenient for them and the people around them, it becomes an intrusion to their privacy as well. Walk-in bathtubs offer convenience, not only through their doors, but through the built-in seats as well. Once inside the bathtub, you will not have to adjust your position into an unnatural gait. Walk-in tubs with a transfer bar and side rails offer extra leverage. Tubs of this type may also come with therapeutic jets, helping soothe muscles, which in turn contribute to an increased mobility.

The Debate

There is an existing debate as to which type of walk-in bathtub door is a better choice. Walk-in bathtubs either use inward swinging or outward swinging doors. Many proactive consumers are debating which type of door is the better option in terms of safety and value for the money. The inward swinging walk-in bathtubs have been getting the most number of criticisms. For one, it would allow you to walk right in only to have you maneuver it once inside. This inconvenience is the last thing any handicapped person needs. Moreover, the door would only open once the tub is emptied of water. This poses risk when faced with an emergency as you will have to wait for the water to drain before you can open the door. The inward-swinging tub is the more affordable option for walk-in tubs though and is relatively safer than the standard ones, thus its popularity. Whatever type of walk-in tub works best for you will depend on your own preference and needs.