Walk In Tub Reviews – Important Features To Look Into

Walk In Tub Reviews – Important Features To Look Into

If you have elderly folks or people with disability with you, you would want to provide them with all the love and care they need. But at the same time, you would also want to give their caregivers greater ease.

One welcome addition to households with elderly and people with disability are walk-in bathtubs. These specialized bathtubs offer several benefits, especially for people with mobility issues.

For one, it makes bathing easier for them and their caregivers. Walk-in bathtubs also come with safety features like handrails, seats and texture pads which boost safety and comfort. These tubs also eliminate the need of sliding shower doors which often pose danger. Finally, the addition of a walk-in bathtub in your home can increase its market value.

But what should you look for when looking at walk in tub reviews?

One of the first things to look into is quality. Ideally, you should purchase from reputable manufacturers that can offer a lifetime warranty on the leak-proof seal of their products.

In terms of size and shape, you will encounter different tubs ranging in size from 26 to 32 inches in width. Most of this will fit in the same space occupied by a conventional bathtub. Otherwise, if the walk-in tub is too small for the available space in your bathroom, there are extension kits that can be purchased.

The doors of these specialized tubs are their most important feature. Typically, walk-in tubs open inwards. However, if you are purchasing this tub for someone who is wheelchair-bound or someone who is considerably large, a tub which opens outwards is a better choice. However, when you opt for the latter, you have to pay attention to the available space in your bathroom. You may also opt for bathtubs that have side panels that slide up and down.

The most basic option for these tubs is a soaker tub. There are also some tubs that offer whirlpool or bubble massage jets.

One final thing to consider when shopping for a walk-in tub is the rate the water fills and drains. Take note that you cannot turn on the water and fill up the tub before you enter it. And once you are done bathing, you have to wait until the tub is drained. Simply put, you should opt for a tub that fills up fast and drains quickly.

Walk-in bathtubs are a welcome addition to household with elderly people and persons with disability. However, you can only reap the benefits these offer if you take time to review your options and purchase a tub that fills your loved one’s needs.

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