Walk In Tub For Seniors: What To Consider When Buying One

Walk In Tub For Seniors: What To Consider When Buying One

Upgrading a home becomes a necessity when you live with the elderly. Certain modifications have to be made to ensure that your aging parents or grandparents can move around the house with ease and safety. And one of the more critical areas to focus on is the bathroom.

Better, Smarter Tub

The bathroom can be hazardous for aging people. It will get slippery. Getting in and out of the tub can also be difficult. Without any kind of supporting rails, accidents will happen. While you could always assist during bath time, the loss of independence often leads to depression for many elderly people.

A better and smarter way to help aging residents is to find suitable walk in tubs for seniors. Installing one in your bathroom will keep them safe during bath time. It will restore their sense of independence. And it will make the task even more enjoyable—that is, with the right walk in tub.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider when choosing one for your beloved seniors.

The size and the shape of the tub.

Walk in tubs will come in different sizes and shapes. You want to make sure the new tub will fit into the bathroom. Some walk in tubs though will come with extension kits to allow for a good fit.

To minimize reconfiguration, get your bathroom measured and checked against the size and shape of the walk in tub before purchasing.

Look for quality.

Walk in tubs could be made from acrylic or fiberglass. Acrylic might be pricier than fiberglass but acrylic lasts longer and stays in better shape. Meanwhile, fiberglass could discolor over time.

In addition to the material, ask about the warranty on the walk in tub—the longer the better. A leak proof door seal should also be guaranteed.

Look over the features.

Which walk in tub would benefit the seniors you live with: a therapeutic tub or a basic soaker? A therapeutic tub can feature bubble massage air jets, which are good for elderly who have sensitive skin, and whirlpool water jets, which benefit those with arthritic pain.

Aside from providing hydrotherapy, the walk in tub should fill and drain quickly. You don’t want your elderly parents or grandparents waiting around at bath time.

Walk in tubs deliver an easier and better experience for seniors. Invest in one today. And help your loved ones regain the joy of bathing once again.

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